A Unique Pet Therapy Is Helping Eating Disorder Patients

SoulPaws mission is “To Inspire Eating Disorder Recovery and Mindfulness Through Human-Animal Connection”.

Research shows that time spent with animals improves our physical health as well as our mental health and emotional well-being. Petting an animal decreases stress by releasing endorphins in the body. Workshops are currently offered at no charge in San Diego, California.


Credit: SoulPaws

The themes include concepts such as: compassion, vulnerability, acceptance, and resilience. SoulPaws rotates between using therapy dogs, miniature horses, or small animals, all provided by the Association for Human-Animal Bond Studies and the San Diego Humane Society.

SoulPaws Recovery Project, Inc2.

Credit: Facebook / SoulPaws Recovery Project, Inc.

Therapy animals provide participants with the sense of calm and self-awareness. In each workshop. participants learn tools that will help them overcome mental health issues. The goal of SoulPaws is to help participants overcome their eating disorder as well as connect with animals and each other.

Credit: SoulPaws Recovery Project from Shannon Kopp.


Next time you feel down, remember to hug your pet, or ask to tag along when a friend walks their dog. You will always be able to count on their unconditional love and support. Don’t forget “You are NOT Alone!”

For more information about SoulPaws, connect with them online.