Cashmere The Golden Is The Real Creative Director For Vogue

Just kidding, it’s his super successful mummy Erica Pelosini!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @ericapelosini

What’s it like to be a world-renowned stylist, editor, creative director, fashion consultant, AND brand ambassador? From our research of Erica Pelonsini’s life, it’s absolutely fabulous. Pelonsi’s converging style of high glamor and understated simplicity has proved successful in her work at Vogue, L’Officiel, C Magazine, and numerous other publications, both online and print. As much as we love fashion, you know what we’re really all about – her trusty sidekick, Cashmere the Golden! Cashmere only knows the fabulous lifestyle his mum gives him – he doesn’t know about the economy class, public transit, or even hostels. It’s all top class everything for Cashmere – private flights, Rolls-Royces (or better), personalized accessories, and the best fashion shoots a puppy can see.


Credit: Instagram / @cashmerethegolden

A walk with Erica is always a fashion statement. Both Erica and Cashmere need their daily exercise and are ready for any kind of photo op that presents itself.


Credit: Instagram / @cashmerethegolden

Cashmere joined his family last year. He became the fur baby of Erica and her equally successful partner, Louis Leeman. Where have you heard that name? Well, he’s only the man behind his eponymous hand crafted Italian shoe company in New York.


Credit: Instagram / @ericapelosini

The “Fashionably Matched” couple were married last year in Capri, Italy where everything – literally everything – was extravagant.

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