A (Semi) Helpful Guide To The KPOP Band BTS (with dogs)

No, it’s not “Behind the Scenes”, an ARMY (fan name) will hit you if you say that!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Twitter / @BTS_twt

The world of KPOP is a dangerous place to enter; once you get in, you’re hooked and it’s so hard to get out. I must tell you, that I am 100% a BTS Stan, but am not yet fully educated on the ins and outs of their world (being a working woman and all, I got other commitments). With bands like Big Bang who are the Kings of KPOP, reigning for over a decade, KPOP fever has taken over the globe in that time. The Korean music industry pumps out stars almost like a factory. Bands can debut and disappear within the same year. But bands like Big Bang, Epik High, BTS, 2NE1, Sistar, SNSD, and many, many, others, grow to be successful and known worldwide.


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Every band goes through vigorous training and practices for stellar choreography. They perform at KPOP events and competitions and have LOYAL fans.


Credit: Twitter / @BTS_twt

BTS AKA BangTan Boys is a four-year-old KPOP band. And they’re back in LA for the American Music Awards and I am EXCITED to even be on the same continent as them. There are 7 members who range in ages from 20-25 and are both vocalists and dancers. In 2016, they traveled to LA for the Billboard Music Awards and won Top Social Artist. They’ve collaborated with American artists like The Chainsmokers (who contributed to their song “Best of Me” on their newest album). And they’ve made an English remix of “Mic Drop” with Steve Aoki dropping next week! Their fans/stans call themselves the Army and the members regularly end their social media postings with “Fighting!”


Credit: Giphy / kpop-map.com

From the group’s inception in 2013, they’ve grown together and mastered their talents. Constantly on the road and away from their families, these boys are each other’s new families. Another thing we love about them? They seem to love dogs!

Let’s meet the members:

1. RapMonster AKA Namjoon Kim


Credit: Twitter / @BTS_twt

RapMon is the leader and one of the rappers of BTS. At 23, he is the fourth oldest member of the band. He’s extremely intelligent and has an IQ of 148! He and Suga help write and produce most of their songs. He is the only member who is comfortably fluent in English and acts as translator in America.

2. Jin AKA Seokjin Kim


Credit: Twitter / @BTS_twt

Jin is the oldest member of BTS at 25. He is the ultimate “Hyung”, a Korean term meaning older brother. He is the focus of this piece as he loves animals and has pets of his own! When BTS came to America, many new fans focused on Jin and called him “the guy on the far left.” Jin now claims that he was “worldwide handsome”. He is one of the vocalists of BTS.

3. Suga AKA Yoongi Min AKA Agust D


Credit: Instagram / @bangtanboysinfires

My bias (favorite member of a band) is Suga. He’s a rapper in BTS and produces most of the songs they perform. He’s the second oldest member of the band at age 24. This dog is so lucky!

4. J-Hope AKA Ho-seok Jung AKA Hobi


Credit: Instagram / @lsglmhfans

J-Hope is my bias wrecker! He’s the lead dancer, rapper, and from time to time, a vocalist. He’s the third oldest member at age 23. Here he is posing with a super happy doggo.

5. Jimin AKA ChimChim AKA Jiminie AKA Mochi


Credit: Twitter / @BTS_twt

Jimin is the angel of BTS (my words, but many agree) and has a beautiful voice and is also a skilled dancer. He is best known for going shirtless in some performances when they debuted. He’s one of the ’95 babies with Tae-hyung. Can this photo become my background now?

6. Tae-hyung AKA V


Credit: Instagram / @mytrashyaesthetics

V is another one of bias wreckers because he’s just so adorable and his voice is so beautiful. He was the last member of BTS and at a fan signing a fan skipped him because they didn’t consider him a “real” member (sobs).

7. Jungkook AKA JK


Credit: Instagram / @btsdopewings

Jungkook is the baby or the Maknae of the group. He started with BTS at the age of 15 and the other members have helped raised him during the band adventures. He’s a dancer, rapper, and a vocalist. Apparently from his facial expression he’s also a fan of Poodles!

Ok, now that you have a SHORT background of each member, let’s bring on the doggy photos. (It’s mostly Jin).


Credit: Twitter / @BTS_twt

Jin and his late pup, Jianggu: According to BTS fans, Jianggu passed away earlier this year. There are a lot of photos of Jin and Jianggu around the Internet!


Credit: Twitter / @BTS_twt

Jin also has two Sugar Gliders in his dorm where the members live. Their names are Odeng and Eomuk, which mean fish ball in Korean (cries). In a video, he admits that he’s always worrying about feeding his Sugar Gliders while he’s at work.


Credit: Twitter / @BTS_twt

On their Twitter feed, Jin always posts photos of dogs he’s holding, playing with, or spots in his little free time.


Credit: Instagram / @btszonearmy

On one of their Run! Episodes, (videos of BTS doing anything really), the boys were able to run around with all these puppers. And V made a friend with this adorable Corgi!! (I want to be that Corgi)


Credit: Twitter / @BTS_twt

Jimin paired with an equally gorgeous Poodle, a very popular breed in Korea. Everything about this photo is just blessed and they look so soft and gentle.


Credit: Instagram / @bogoat_sheep_da

I wish I could keep going about BTS, but I feel like few people will reach the end of this article except the true fans. I apologize to BTS Stans who are probably bleeding with more knowledge than me!


Credit: Giphy / soompi.com

I encourage anyone interested to watch a BTS video. I recommend their Fire music video (below) because that’s what hooked me! Their concepts are always gorgeous and lovely. Be sure to tune in to the American Music Awards to see them perform!!