A (Semi) Helpful Guide To The KPOP Band BTS (with dogs)

No, it’s not “Behind the Scenes”, an ARMY (fan name) will hit you if you say that!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Twitter / @BTS_twt

The world of KPOP is a dangerous place to enter; once you get in, you’re hooked and it’s so hard to get out. I must tell you, that I am 100% a BTS Stan, but am not yet fully educated on the ins and outs of their world (being a working woman and all, I got other commitments). With bands like Big Bang who are the Kings of KPOP, reigning for over a decade, KPOP fever has taken over the globe in that time. The Korean music industry pumps out stars almost like a factory. Bands can debut and disappear within the same year. But bands like Big Bang, Epik High, BTS, 2NE1, Sistar, SNSD, and many, many, others, grow to be successful and known worldwide.


Credit: Giphy / aminoapps.com

Every band goes through vigorous training and practices for stellar choreography. They perform at KPOP events and competitions and have LOYAL fans.


Credit: Twitter / @BTS_twt

BTS AKA BangTan Boys is a four-year-old KPOP band. And they’re back in LA for the American Music Awards and I am EXCITED to even be on the same continent as them. There are 7 members who range in ages from 20-25 and are both vocalists and dancers. In 2016, they traveled to LA for the Billboard Music Awards and won Top Social Artist. They’ve collaborated with American artists like The Chainsmokers (who contributed to their song “Best of Me” on their newest album). And they’ve made an English remix of “Mic Drop” with Steve Aoki dropping next week! Their fans/stans call themselves the Army and the members regularly end their social media postings with “Fighting!”


Credit: Giphy / kpop-map.com

From the group’s inception in 2013, they’ve grown together and mastered their talents. Constantly on the road and away from their families, these boys are each other’s new families. Another thing we love about them? They seem to love dogs!

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