Loki The Wolfdog Launches LokiWolf Accessories With Wolfgang Man & Beast

The Famous Dog Teams Up With The American-Made Brand

By The Get Leashed Goods Team

Craving adventure feels like it’s in our DNA – it’s certainly in our dogs’. But with the hustle and bustle of work life and our tech focused existence, we don’t always make breaking away a priority. If you don’t already follow Loki The Wolfdog for your daily dose of adventure inspo, we’re shocked!

Photo: LokiTheWolfDog.com

Loki is a husky, wolf, malamute mix, living in the USA with his dad. His mission is to inspire others to get outside more with their dog. From hiking to camping to swimming, Loki is very active (as we imagine a wolf dog would be) and always finds the most picturesque parts of nature to photograph. His feed may inspire you to pick up and leave the ‘burbs (if only for a weekend at least).

Loki has teamed up with American-made accessories brand Wolfgang Man & Beast

Photo: WolfgangUSA.com

Loki definitely has a signature photo style, and now that aesthetic has been imagined and designed in a series of pet accessories. The collection is described as:

“focused on bringing out the true spirit of this charismatic, four-legged fur hero, while paying tribute to the cultural tapestry of the American West. Tonal grays and rich gold combine in the form of timeless graphic elements for an instantly iconic result.”

If you’re a dog owner looking for something a little different than run of the mill primary colors or uber luxe textures not fit for adventuring, this series is for you.

Photo: WolfgangUSA.com

The leash, harness, collar, and key ring are all available now at WolfgangUSA.com

For the collection launch, Loki and Wolfgang worked with Utah based Lux Nova Films to both show the product line in motion on model, Loki, and also to give viewers insight into life with a wolf dog. This gorgeous, active dog comes with challenges a pup so special sometimes comes with. You’ll see how Loki lives up to his wolf ancestry! If you can’t picture camping and exploring with your Frenchie, experience the beauty of the American wilderness through Loki.

Photo: WolfgangUSA.com

Check out Loki in the Wilds of Utah in the collection trailer. Who’s ready to get outside?