Become A #Puptivist And Help End Puppy Mills

Join A Special Group Of Pupfluencers And The Humane Society Of The United States

By The Get Leashed Giving Team

As an animal lover, you probably see stories almost every day that make you think “How can I help?” The HSUS (Humane Society of The United States) has teamed up with PinCause, an organization creating ‘wearable works of art’ to show support and raise money for charitable organizations and causes.

The #Puptivist campaign is turning dogs and their owners into Puppy Mill activists, working to end the cruel practice. So far, over 150 influential puptivists are on board. The campaign’s message is simple: buying dogs in stores and online continues the cycle of inhumane treatment; consider adoption first.

Photo: Instagram / @ellabeanthedog

Puppy Mill survivor turned insta star, Ella Bean, was the inspiration behind this Pincause. She was rescued from a shelter just days before she was to be euthanized, a fate many dogs do not escape.

According to her mom, Hilary Sloan,

“The entire first part of Ella Bean’s life was spent in a cage without any medical care and love.”

Photo: Instagram / @popeyethefoodie

A legion of other famous doggos are lending their support on their social media profiles, reaching millions of supporters. Popeye, known as the foodie dog, who went from rescue to restaurant aficionado, is also showing his support.

Photo: Instagram / @sneakersthecorgi

For every pin sold, $2 is going towards the HSUS Stop Puppy Mill campaign. One of our favorite Corgis, Sneakers, is also supporting the cause.

Photo: Instagram / @hermaninthehood

And here’s one of our favorite Toronto puppers, Herman, joining the movement.

“Dogs give us so much and demand so little in return. They can’t speak up so it’s our job to speak up for them and work to end this cycle of animal abuse. I can’t wait to see what the Pincause and global Puptivist community can do with this,” says Nate Stevens, Pincause Co-Founder and dog-advocate.

Get your pin now (and don’t forget one for any of your friends who adopted their dog) from