Toronto Police K9 Unit Receives Anonymous Donation Of Body Armor

Somebody out there has the working dogs’ safety in mind!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

43 Division - Toronto Police Service2

Credit: Facebook / 43 Division – Toronto Police Service

The Toronto Police Services Board approved and accepted an anonymous donation of 18 body vests for their K9 Unit last week. After Lonca, a working canine, was seriously injured in 2015, an anonymous donor made the contribution to the Toronto Police. The corporate donation is coming from an Edmonton company, the Line of Fire Defense Systems. The vests are meant to protect the K9’s vital organs when dealing with armed suspects.


Credit: Facebook / Toronto Police Operations Centre

During an arrest, the suspect attacked Lonca with a machete, which resulted in Lonca needing five stitches to his upper lip and 2 staples to his paw. He made a full recovery and received an outpour of support from the public.


Credit: Facebook / I Love Police Dogs

Line of Fire Defense Systems representative, Duncan Homer, stated that the vests are now in the process of sizing and will be manufacturing them soon.


Credit: Facebook / Toronto Police Operations Centre

The vests are worth $2200 and are the next step in protecting our faithful K9 unit during their dangerous missions.

Chatham-Kent Police Service

Credit: Facebook / Chatham-Kent Police Service

We hope that there won’t be anymore serious injuries like Lonca’s any time soon! Hopefully this is the start of more canine-friendly body armor for the Toronto police force of 22 officers and 33 dogs!