Chrissy Teigen Is The Ultimate Dog Mom, Human Mom, and Twitter Presence

If you couldn’t tell by the title, we have a major crush on her and love her bullies!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Twitter / @ChrissyTeigen

If you’re not already, you must follow Chrissy Teigen on Twitter. Not only does she reply to both her fans and her haters, she’s just all around hilarious. For example: one time she was making banana bread, but didn’t have ripe bananas. So she took to Twitter to ask her followers in the LA area for bananas and sent out her assistant to give her ripe-banana-having followers her cookbook and John Legend’s underwear (sweet?). It was a whole ordeal and everyone was included in the banana bread. Chrissy even said it was “our banana bread.”

The POTUS has Chrissy blocked on Twitter, which is seen as an accomplishment to some. The final tweet before getting blocked? “lol no one likes you.” The Sports Illustrated model, co-host on Lip-Sync Battles, author of Cravings, wife to singer John Legend, and mom to Luna Legend is also the proud mother of four(!) dogs: Puddy, Pippa, Penny, and Pablo.


Credit: Instagram / @chrissyteigen

Her newest addition to her pet family is Pablo the Bulldog. The dog’s name was supposed to be Paul, but according to Teigen, John wouldn’t call him Paul and Luna and Teigen’s mother couldn’t pronounce Pablo.


Credit: Twitter / @ChrissyTeigen

In the banana ordeal, Chrissy snapped this photo of her assistant getting the bananas while her doggos watched. Chrissy couldn’t explain why Pippa the three legged Frenchie was wearing a bell hop costume, so everyone just accepted it. Also pictured – Penny the French Bulldog and Puddy the Bulldog.


Credit: Instagram / @chrissyteigen

Puddy is the OG dog of the house. He was there when Teigen and Legend got married in 2013 and just recently scared the entire Internet because of an emergency vet visit.

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