Guinness World Record Holding Cats Are Missing After House Fire

The Hopeful Owners Are Offering $100,000 Bitcoin For Their Safe Return

By Catalina Barrios


Credit: Instagram / @starcats_detroit

The lives of Will and Lauren Powers won’t be the same after recently losing everything due to a house fire. 32 year old Will woke up on a Sunday morning to find their home on fire. He searched for their cats Arcturus, Cygnus, Sirius and Yuki (a friend’s cat who they were taking care of) but could not locate them before firefighters pulled him out. He left several doors open hoping the cats would escape but unfortunately there hasn’t been a sign of them.


Credit: Instagram / @starcats_detroit

Brittney Powers, Will’s sister, said Will and Lauren treated their cats like children and were very devastated because of their loss. The Powers escaped from this tragic incident with only the clothes they had on.


Credit: The Washington Post

These cat owners are offering a big reward for their missing cats who are famous in the community of Farmington Hills, Michigan where they reside. The couple is offering a total reward of $100,000 USD worth of bitcoin — $25,000 US for each cat returned alive. Will posted on his Facebook page he has been saving his bitcoin for years and now was the time to used them.


Credit: Instagram / @starcats_detroit

Arcturus is a spotted Savannah who measures 19.05 inches high. This fall he won the Guinness World Record for tallest domestic cat.


Credit: Instagram / @starcats_detroit

Cygnus, a fluffy Maine coon with a 17.5-inch feather-duster tail won the world record for longest tail.


Credit: Facebook / Will Powers

The cats have attracted a lot of attention is social media. They made an appearance on Pickler and Ben, a nationally syndicated show. This pet reward surely ranks among the highest ones and we hope these kitties make their way home. Last March, a California resident made headlines after offering $20,000 USD for the return of a missing cat.

Live traps have been placed in the neighborhood in hopes of finding the cats. Lauren and Will met while they were pursuing their degrees in osteopathic medicine. They fell in love with their cats and enjoyed coming home to snuggle with them.


Credit: Imgur / greenboy84

Will said they got the cats 2 years ago and last year he noticed Cygnus’s tail was unusually long. He posted a photo of it on a Reddit veterinary forum and shortly after the photo went viral and he was contacted by Guinness.

Will and Lauren are not conducting interviews and asked all financial support go instead to the Ferndale Cat Shelter, the Farmington Hills Fire Department and the American Red Cross. Will is the president of the Ferndale Cat Shelter and his cats raised funds for the shelter due to their Guinness World Record Titles.