This Just In: Science Proves Cuddling With Your Dog Is Good For You!

If anyone argues any differently, you now have science on your side!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Does your dog sleep with you?

When I had a dog (RIP Toffee!!), she would usually choose to sleep with my sister. However, on the rare days my sister wouldn’t be home, Toffee slept with me and it made me so happy. She’d curl up close to my body and it was all sorts of comforting. Sometimes though, she’d sleep right in between my legs – how is that comfortable? But the rule is: once a dog falls asleep near or on you, you must not move.

Some people with dogs try to train their pups that the bed is off limits (most attempts fail). Some argue that having a dog sleep in their bed actually disrupts their sleep. However, if your dog is your best friend, you now have science on your side because an American study says, it’s actually good for your health!


That’s right, in a Mayo Clinic study with 40 healthy adults without sleeping disorders, results showed that sleeping with a dog (no matter what size) helped some sleep better!


That’s the type of thing we like to hear from the science community!

Participants, both human and dog, wore activity trackers to track sleeping habits for seven nights while sleeping in the same room. Best research project ever!


According to a CTV article, in America, there are over 40 million households that have a dog. 63% of these households claim that they see their dog as another member of the family.


Even though we love our dogs, it’s not always a rule to let them sleep with us.

If you sleep on a single mattress and you have a Great Dane, we’re not sure what logistics it would take to get you both there. But, if you don’t care, you’d make it work!

The author of the study, Lois Krahn, told CTV News, “Most people assume having pets in the bedroom is a disruption. We found that many people actually find comfort and a sense of security from sleeping with their pets.”


I agree – sleeping with a pet makes me feel loved and connected to my pupper and I can’t wait to have a dog of my own (😭).


You can’t move when your dog falls asleep next to or on you – it’s law.

Krahn also said that most people are away from their pet for most of the day and want to maximize their time spent with their dog. So, it’s all about the night time cuddles!


New pet parents, you might think that you want your pupper to know that they have their own bed and your human bed must be protected from all the fur and bone bits, but let me tell you, your dog will probably own your bed by the end of week!


Credit: Giphy / Tastefully Offensive

Now go cuddle your dog!! It’s good for you!