Police Puppy Fired For Being Too Friendly Gets A New Job

His new title is a really good one!

By Catalina Barrios

Governor of Queensland5

Credit: Facebook / Governor of Queensland

There’s nothing like having a job you love. You wake up every day looking forward to going to work and greet everyone with a smile. But what if you get to work and are told by your supervisor that you’re being fired because you’re “too nice”?

As unreal as this may sound, this happened to Gavel, a German Shepherd, who was recruited as a puppy to train as police dog for the Queensland Police Service in Brisbane, Eastern Australia.

Governor of Queensland2

Credit: Facebook / Governor of Queensland

Since he was 6 weeks old, Gavel has been living at the official residence of Queensland Governor, Paul de Jersey. Gavel was fired from his job as a police dog because he was deemed to not have the right attitude for tracking criminals or sniffing explosives. What exactly was Gavel’s problem?

Governor of Queensland3

Credit: Facebook / Governor of Queensland

He was too “sociable”. He loved meeting strangers and preferred playing with them rather than helping to arrest them. Luckily, Gavel didn’t spend any time unemployed. Like my Grandma used to say: when one door closes, another one opens. This was certainly Gavel’s case. He got offered another job that was a better fit for him.


Credit: Instagram / @qldgovernor

As soon as Governor de Jersey found out Gavel was fired for being too friendly, he decided to step in and adopt this adorable furball. He even gave Gavel a new job as Vice-Regal Dog. Gavel even “signed” his offer of employment. Isn’t it the cutest thing ever?

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