You Must Meet The Adorable Pug, Loulou, And Her Human, Emma!

The inside scoop behind the super cute shots of your new fav pug

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @pugloulou

Pug Fever is real and it steals the hearts of dog lovers all over the world. With increasingly popular pages like @itsdougthepug, people just fall in love with the squishy and the snorty Pugs of the Internet. With religious-like devotion, we’ve got a #PugsNotDrugs community that loves constant updates on the daily lives of their insta favorites. Like when you or someone you know gets a new pet, you just want photos all the time – and that’s exactly how the dog community grew.


Credit: Instagram / @itsdougthepug

The dog community isn’t just known for its love, likes, and double taps. With all the attention from reaching thousands or even millions on the Internet, these puppers are getting some pretty fab perks. Doug the Pug, for example, gets to meet famous people on the regular like the stars of Riverdale, stars in his own commercials, and offers promo codes for products. A pug for the people!


Credit: Instagram / @pugloulou

Really, all doggy accounts are special and adorable, but @pugloulou stole our hearts with her amazing photos, outfits, and extra squishy face! Living in the Netherlands, Loulou is three and has over 100 thousand followers on Instagram. She’s a born model, loves to eat, and loves to snore.


Credit: Instagram / @pugloulou

We chatted with her human, Emma, who runs the Instagram page on behalf of her famous Pug. We got to know what goes into a great shot, what Loulou’s attitude really is like, and lots more!

First things first: 1. Have you always been a Pug fan? #pugsnotdrugs


Credit: Instagram / @pugloulou

Loulou’s version of Coachella was wearing the flower crown to match with her onesie so she could listen to music in bed!

Emma: Yes, I kinda always have been! Although I have always been obsessed with dogs since I was a little girl, I think I discovered Pugs and French Bulldogs when I was about 10 years old. Since then my love for Pugs and Frenchies only has grown bigger and stronger!


2. Your shots are so beautiful! What goes into getting the perfect shot – does it take a long time?


Credit: Instagram / @pugloulou

Here’s Loulou’s take on the Snapchat Bread filter

Emma: Thank you so much! I always try to be creative as much as I can with styling the outfit for Loulou, or styling the setting itself. It depends on the picture if it takes ‘long’. Simple pictures and spontaneous pictures are just taken within 2 minutes or so. I think the maximum for shooting photos in general is about 5-10 minutes, and I will definitely know when Loulou has had it lol! Then we just immediately quit and give her the treats as a final reward, which I’m also doing during the shooting session of course. 🙂

LouLou knows what’s up – get dressed for the human and get more treats!

3. Does Loulou struggle with wearing her outfits or does she rock them unbothered?


Credit: Instagram / @pugloulou

Emma: She doesn’t even notice when she’s wearing clothes actually – and when I’m grabbing an outfit for her – she even wags her tail, because she knows she will get some treats for it. Also, she’s only wearing clothing for the pictures. During the day she’s totally “nakey”, as many (IG) dog owners would say haha!

We feel you, LouLou, clothes are just for show, but to be really comfortable, the less clothes, the better!

4. What’s Loulou’s temperament like – is she a chill pug or born diva (as in, does she know how adorable she is and use it to her advantage)?


Credit: Instagram / @pugloulou

From this photo, it looks like she’s as chill as can be – plus a pink ghost Pug.

Emma: She’s kind of both! Pugs are known for their stubbornness – and so is Loulou. She can be SUPER stubborn. She has a very strong will, and ‘tells’/shows exactly what she wants with her big, brown eyes. So I can say she can be quite the Diva! But other than that – she’s very easygoing. She likes all dogs and humans. Loulou is always super friendly and happy! And she’s exceptionally careful with babies and young children, which is the sweetest thing to see.

BRB, flying to the Netherlands to hang out with apparently the sweetest and cutest Pug ever!

5. What’s your favorite thing about being a part of the dog community online?


Credit: Instagram / @pugloulou

“Do you think everyone will like my Gingerbread outfit?” (Yes, we loved it!)

Emma: I just love it because everyone is so genuine and kind! I never thought that the IG dog community would be this close before I started Loulou’s Instagram page. But ever since I started on @pugloulou, they all welcomed me and I definitely made some great friends on Instagram. Every year I send out and receive several Christmas cards, and during the year we sometimes exchange little gifts. It’s just all super fun!


Credit: Instagram / @pugloulou

We love that the dog community is so close knit and kind to each other. A lot of people might say that social media may be making us lack social skills, but from this pupfluencer, we can see it’s the complete opposite! The online dog community opens doors for global bonding over the cutest pups!

And here are a few more photos we just had to share of Loulou!


Credit: Instagram / @pugloulou

Loulou knows exactly what the priorities of millennials are – Netflix and chill. She knows how to relax for a show marathon and loves mommy cuddles!


Credit: Instagram / @pugloulou

Further proof – Loulou in the natural habitat of many young people: swaddled in a blanket and unwilling to leave the nest of warmth.


Credit: Instagram / @pugloulou

She even received an adorable bed for ultra lounging, complete with its own sunshine! #Jealous


Credit: Instagram / @pugloulou

Loulou knows how to relax indoors and outside. It’s all about soaking up the sun on a pool floatie with the coolest and cutest sunglasses! #LivingThePugLifeRight


Credit: Instagram / @pugloulou

During the fall, she turns into the cutest pumpkin ever. It helps to be short and stout and round! But if she asks, she looks super spoopy!


Credit: Instagram / @pugloulou

Loulou is all of us in the passenger seat – she knows her core responsibilities are to feed the driver fries while saving the fullest carton for herself!


Credit: Instagram / @pugloulou

Get Leashed would like to thank Emma and Loulou for answering all of our questions! Be sure to follow Loulou on Instagram @pugloulou!