The Dogist Launches A Second Book On The Beauty Of Puppies

The New York Times best selling author is back with another beautiful book.

By Catalina Barrios

The Dogist gets inspiration for a follow up book

There are two types of photos online which are always the cutest: babies and baby animals. Their tiny smiles are contagious. Their pictures are full of innocence and positive energy that lighten up our lives. How about puppies? These tiny floofs have inspired a second book from documentary photographer, The Dogist.


Credit: Facebook / The Dogist

Meet Elias Weiss Friedman, a 29 year old millennial who after being laid off from an office job decided to make a living taking photos of dogs. The pictures he takes are … priceless! He started by walking around New York City and asking owners if he could take pictures of their dogs.


Credit: Facebook / The Dogist

This has turned out to be a very successful outlet for him as he is the brain behind the almost 3 million followers of the Instagram account @TheDogist. Shortly after his pictures went viral, he released his first book called The Dogist which became a New York Times bestseller.


Credit: Instagram / @thedogist

I guarantee this will make you smile! Elias has released his second book The Dogist Puppies where he focuses on the cutest stage of dogs: puppy stage. He definitely captures the sweet side of our furry friends. The book includes sections for different breeds such as Boxers, French Bulldogs and Golden Retrievers. You will also find compelling stories of assistance and seeing eye dogs.

Let’s take a peek of the definition of the cuteness of puppies through “The Dogist” lens …

1. Cheese …


Credit: Instagram / @thedogist

Impossible not to fall in love with this adorable puppy. Her name is Stella and she likes to run after men! What do you think?

2. High-Five


Credit: Instagram / @thedogist

This happy Berner offers high fives to people as he waits like a good boy on the street. His name is Pluto and his most notable Halloween experience is when he walked around with a fake severed arm in his mouth!

3. Beyond Cuteness


Credit: Instagram / @thedogist

I want to hug her … NOW! This very intimidating Pit Bull puppy named Cinnamon can’t be left alone for more than 20 seconds or else she starts crying.

4. Happy To See You


Credit: Instagram / @thedogist

It’s playtime and Beckett couldn’t be happier to spend time with you! But you should soak up all his energy because when he’s tired, this little Pug will refuse to move.

5. Puppy Paws


Credit: Instagram / @thedogist

This puppy is too cute. I am in love! But watch your fingers – puppies are known to use your extremities to practice their ferocious puppy bites!

6. Best Friends


Credit: Instagram / @thedogist

Let’s be friends.

Since starting four years ago, Elias has been taken pictures of dogs everyday during winter, spring, summer, and fall, and he loves it!

7. Travel Time


Credit: Instagram / @thedogist

Why not a picture before heading out? Annie, the mini Poodle, usually walks, but her human was in a rush and needed to get somewhere. So, in the bag she went!

The Dogist Puppies is available now and is a perfect gift for any dog lover!