The Inspiring Story of Three Dogs Who Helped A Dog Walker Survive Two Nights Lost In The Woods

An incredible survival story has a happy ending thanks to dogs

By Catalina Barrios


Credit: CTV News Vancouver

This story is an example of survival and strength. It shows the difference a dog can make in your life. When you become a dog owner, you quickly learn how loyal and loving a dog is. They will do anything they can to protect you.

This was the case for Annette Poitras who, thanks to the three dogs she was walking, was able to survive two nights lost in the woods.


Credit: CTV News Vancouver

Annette was walking in the woods of Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, near where she lives, with three dogs: a Collie named Chloe, a Boxer named Roxy and a Puggle named Bubba. In a remote area, rarely frequented by hikers, she suddenly slipped and hurt her back and side. She heard a helicopter pass by but was unable to signal to it.


Credit: CTV News Vancouver

What the dogs did for her is unbelievable!


Credit: The Canadian Press / The Huffington Post

Marcel Poitras (center), Annette’s husband, said the dogs helped his wife stay alive. You may be wondering, “what about her cellphone?” Unfortunately, Annette lost her cellphone when she fell. Marcel said one of the dog was the guard, another one searched for food and the third one cuddled Annette to keep her warm.

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