Pop Artist Khalid Rescued A New Puppy Named Roxy!

Oh and you know, was nominated for a GRAMMY.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @thegr8khalid

19-year-old Khalid, singer of “Location”, “Young, Dumb, and Broke”, and “Silence”, adopted a new puppy from Bark n’ Bitches in Los Angeles. He recently performed at the American Music Awards with Imagine Dragons and continues his “new” success with a Grammy nomination. Being 19, he takes to Twitter a lot to share his thoughts and connect with fans. He even shared an old tweet where he said he wanted to go to the Grammy’s and surprise, surprise, this talented young person made it!


Credit: Instagram / @thegr8khalid

At the AMA’s he hung out with our other favorite stars, K-Pop band BTS! The boys encouraged each other before their performances that they all rocked!


Credit: Instagram / @thegr8khalid

Khalid performed earlier in the show with a mix of his song “Yong, Dumb, and Broke” and Imagine Dragon’s song, “Thunder”.


Credit: Instagram / @thegr8khalid

After all that excitement, the Georgia native adopted Roxy from Bark n’ Bitches. Khalid shared this photo to all his followers encouraged them to consider rescuing pets from the humane rescue.


Credit: Instagram / @thegr8khalid

Immediately and understandably in love with Roxy, he used their photo to share his tour dates around America. (Great idea, people love dogs)


Credit: Instagram / @thegr8khalid

After rising to fame in 2016, Khalid is making big moves in his career – including sharing his love for animals and doing them a service by rescuing a pet in need!

We will now patiently await more puppy photos.