Unleash Effortless Style With The New Montreal Based Dog Accessory Brand

An interview with the Unleash Dog Boutique founders on their first collection

By The Get Leashed Goods Team

Dressing your dog has definitely gotten more chic over the recent years, with entrepreneurial brands popping up, ranging in taste from luxury to rock and roll and everything in between. A new entrant in the pet accessories world is Unleash Dog Boutique, a Montreal based leather focused label adding some sophistication with their first collection.

Photo: Unleash.dog

We had a chance to chat with the founders on their style aesthetic, their story, and how they live their best life with their own pets. Read on to learn more about this brand and discover what’s in their line!

What was the inspiration behind the brand?

The idea came from a combination of need and want. We both knew we wanted to start our own business, to create a more flexible and rewarding future in terms of work. We both knew it needed to be a company that had a place to create, to give back and to grow. And well, we are both the most annoying dog lovers we know and truthfully, as cliché as it might seem, we are really inspired by the nonchalant way in which our dogs carry themselves. In this busy world, we live in, we tend to over-analyze, forget to take time and tend to prioritize what maybe shouldn’t be.

We are always amazed at how our pets enjoy the simplest things. It’s unconditional and honest.

When designing our products, we wanted to bring this idea that beauty is simple and that functionality can be as practical as it can elegant. A merge between style and purpose with the intention of enhancing daily walks with a touch of sophistication.

Photo: Unleash.dog

How would you describe the brand’s aesthetic in a few words?

Simple, effortless, timeless and chic. We value the relationship between form and function, style, and quality.

Photo: Unleash.dog

What are some of your favorite dog-friendly spots in Montreal?

Unfortunately, unlike some others in America or Europe, Montreal is not such a ‘’dog-friendly’’ city yet. But even if you can’t bring your pooch to wine & dine with you, there are some amazing places to go out and enjoy the outdoors. The Summit Circle Woods in Westmount are amazing to go run around and socialize with fellow dog owners. There is also a great bicycle track along the Canal Lachine. It’s super nice to go there, rollerblade with the doggies and have a picnic by the water. I guess our all-time favorite activity though is still getting lost on the Mont-Royal. There are some spots where you can completely disconnect from the city and really escape. You just have to get off the main paths! The Mont-Royal cemetery is also a beautiful place, especially when all the flowers are in bloom, some people might find it sinister but we find it’s the perfect environment to go if you want to enjoy a quiet walk away from crowds.

In any case, both of us bring our dogs everywhere and always figure it out! It’s just a choice really. We never feel so much like we are taking them for a walk, they just happen to walk with us where we go.

Photo: Unleash.dog

Where are your products currently sold? We have a lot of US, UK, and Aussie readers who’d love to know!

For now, we sell exclusively through our website www.unleash.dog and on some platforms like Fancy for example. Our main clientèle is surprisingly from Australia! We would not have expected it! Unleash supporters also come from some major dog-loving cities like New York and Toronto. Obviously, Montreal being our hometown most clients are for now, from here. When you are able to see and feel the product, it’s usually an instant sale!

Our second collection will be available online as well as in stores. Keep posted to get more information.

Photo: Unleash.dog

Can you tell us a bit about your own pets?

Oh please, don’t get us started!….We both grew up around animals and really believe in the positive impact having a pet has on people’s life. Beyond the obvious unconditional love and loyalty, there’s just nothing better to unwind than hugging your dog and getting out there to play. Long story short, I found my dog on a beach in Uruguay. A sweet little pup, covered in fleas and walking with a limp. I just couldn’t leave him there and brought him back to Canada. My current dog, Cheche is actually his daughter. After only a few days in Montreal, well, let’s just say he met my neighbor’s dog pretty quickly! Cheche is a middle-sized mutt, elegant cuddle monster, and total squirrel psycho. She wins every starring contest, always gets what she wants (like the middle spot in bed, head on the pillows) and comes everywhere with us. She hugs and doesn’t know how to play fetch. Cheche’s best friend is Nala, Marie’s gorgeous Golden Retriever. She is the most sociable dog out there, always so laid back walking her big bear walk and playing around with her characteristic grinning smile. She loves her stuffed animals almost as much as she loves diving into lakes (goldfish golden!) and, unlike Cheche who is the snobbiest when it comes to food, she would do anything for a lil treat. Marie got Nala when she was only a few weeks old, one of those puppies who are so cute they almost look fake. A modern dog in today’s world, she has been living in shared custody for over four years now. It is not always easy but we strongly encourage it. Too many couples who part ways do not want full responsibility for a dog but it is a real commitment and one to be respected.

Photo: Unleash.dog

Finally, what can we expect to see next from you?

Our first collection is really a reflection of what we like and who we are. We pride ourselves on our attention to details and quality. The same value will be applied to the next products to come. In the near future, you can expect a fluffy, trendy UNLEASH dog bed, some new winter cozy blankets, a special grooming line and many other little surprises. As for our main leather products, we will keep our signature ‘’contrasted line’’ and offer more seasonal colors…..and well, as for the second collection, you’ll just have to wait and see.

Photo: Unleash.dog

Visit Unleash.dog for all current products and purchasing.