Michael Gives Us The Scoop On Life With Two Huskies In NYC

Being a dog dad is a full time job – but it’s ever so rewarding.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @mwardjr

Everyone around me is either getting engaged, getting married, getting a house, or getting pregnant. Some days it makes me feel inadequate because my responsibilities include dragging myself out of bed and finding some quality dog content for my faithful readers (actually I’m not sure if anyone really looks at the author). I do dream of a future beyond living with my mom. I want an affordable apartment in the city (never going to happen) and a puppy to call my own. I have a group of mommy friends and I see the spit up and the tantrums and the glazed over eyes, and I think to myself, “not yet”.


Credit: Instagram / @mwardjr

And then I see people on my Instagram Explore page who have puppies and it just melts my heart. Having a puppy just seems so much more therapeutic at this moment in my life.


Credit: Instagram / @mwardjr


So, we reached out to this amazing dog dad, Michael Ward Jr. and asked him about his adorable Huskies! Michael is a recent graduate from Columbia University and lives in New York with his two Huskies, Olliver (Ollie) and Aya.

We had many questions about his dog dad lifestyle:

We know that Huskies can be a handful – is it hard being a Husky dad sometimes with all the singing and need for attention?


Credit: Instagram / @mwardjr

I do know that dogs can be just as (or worse) destructive as children because of their wolfish teeth, but I think it’s worth it.

Michael: It is! Huskies can be pretty destructive. I’ve gone through three couches (?!)in 2017 alone. But I’ve learned that a tired husky is a good husky. We walk 3- to 4-hrs each day around the city and go to the dog run on Leroy Street as much as possible. It can be exhausting at times but it’s definitely worth it. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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