Surf Dog Ricochet VS. Elf On The Shelf – The Christmas Battle You Never Knew You Needed

Ricochet was another service dog “fired” from her field, but became something better!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Surf Dog Ricochet The Dog

The holidays are fast approaching. Thankfully, the Internet is a thing and I can comfortably find all my gifts (mostly for me) online without having to venture into the crowded malls and parking lots. Along with the holidays comes traditions – whether that’s escaping to a sunny place during your time off or getting together with your family for dinner, you know exactly what’s going to happen. With my family, we plan a dinner with all the relatives (sometimes begrudgingly) and no matter how stressful the planning gets, we look forward to the family bonding.


Credit: Surf Dog Ricochet The Dog

Ricochet and Rina are celebrating their 9th Annual Howliday Giving Drive as posted on Ricochet’s blog site! But, this silly Elf on the Shelf tries every year to thwart their success!


Credit: Surf Dog Ricochet The Dog

It’s not just the Elf who is busy with mischievious antics, but Ricochet and Rina have tricks up their sleeves too – and this isn’t even the worst of them!


Credit: Surf Dog Ricochet The Dog

No matter how many times they try to get rid of this little Elf, the Elf still comes back to distract them from their giving drive.

But who is Ricochet, anyways? To answer that, we have to introduce you to Judy Fridono and her love for puppies!


Credit: Surf Dog Ricochet The Dog

Puppies are more than just cute, silly, and curious – they’re very, very impressionable. Judy Fridona of San Diego saw the potential in puppies and their companionship services and started Puppy Prodigies!

Growing up with animals all her life, Judy knew how to train her pets. After learning she had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, she was not able to participate in various physical activities, but put her time in volunteering and charities.

After studying more about dogs (awesome, right?), Judy learned how to train pups starting from birth to twelve weeks to do various chores. They know how to open doors, turn on lights, pull laundry baskets, and pick things up for their person.


Credit: Surf Dog Ricochet The Dog

One pup, however, went through all the training, but her instinct to chase birds and critters was too strong. This instinct prevented her from being a service dog since a person with a disability would not be able to retrieve her.

But, rather than writing Rico off, Judy focused on her strengths. And one of those strengths was surfing!


Credit: Surf Dog Ricochet The Dog

Rico learned how to surf and met Patrick Ivison who had been in a wheelchair since he was a toddler. They surfed tandem together and raised money for a recovery fund. With grant money from Rico’s sponsors (The Rose Foundation), Patrick was able to attend Project Walk. After much determination, he was able to fulfill his dream to walk across the stage for high school graduation!


Credit: Surf Dog Ricochet The Dog

Ricochet went on to surf with many others and even is a support dog for soldiers with PTSD! Every Christmas, she trades her life jacket for a Santa hat and collects donations for various charities.


Credit: Surf Dog Ricochet The Dog

This year all proceeds are going to the Waves of Empowerment program. The person who raises the most funds wins a free trip to San Diego!


Credit: Surf Dog Ricochet The Dog

The sneaky Elf on the Shelf is doing his best to stop Ricochet from succeeding in her Howliday drive. The battle continues!


Credit: Surf Dog Ricochet The Dog

Check out more of their hilarious battle maneuvers on Ricochet’s website and learn more about this Super Surf Dog!