This Might Be The World’s Greatest Job Title For Dog Lovers

Could you be the next great Puppy Raiser for Leader Dogs for The Blind?

By Catalina Barrios


Credit: Facebook / Leader Dogs for the Blind

What is your dream job? I remember as a little girl I wanted to be a flight attendant, and later I wanted to work at an embassy. I ended up studying Journalism and Marketing which has been one of the best decisions of my life.


Credit: Instagram / @leader_dog

I have the job for you if you are a dog lover. Non-profit organization, Leader Dogs for the Blind is looking for people interested in volunteering as puppy raisers for future guide dogs. What would you do? As a puppy raiser, you will be responsible for keeping breeding dogs healthy and safe as well as caring for puppies for their first six to seven weeks of life.

As a puppy raiser, you will be required to teach the puppy basic obedience commands as well as good manners. As a host, you can also care for breeding stock dogs during the time they are producing puppies and if you are hosting a mom dog, you must commit to two litters a year.


Credit: Facebook / Leader Dogs for the Blind

Don’t worry, you will not be alone. Volunteers will receive training and support from the Leader Dog’s breeding department, canine development specialists and veterinary staff. Laura Fisher, Leader Dogs for the Blind Puppy Development Coordinator says raising a puppy is approximately one year commitment. She adds after the year, puppy raisers return the puppy to Leader Dogs for the Blind where they will start training to become future guide dogs.


Credit: Instagram / @winnie_leader_puppy

“The future of our guide dog program depends on volunteers who provide loving homes for our Leader Dog puppies, and host specially selected breeding dogs,” says Sue Daniels, President and CEO of Leader Dogs.


Credit: Instagram / @leader_dog

As a puppy raiser, you are encouraged to socialize the puppy in as many environments as possible which allows the dog to be familiar with different types of people and surroundings. The more experiences the puppy has during its raising time, the more opportunities it will have to be placed with a large group of clients, making it a more suitable leader dog candidate.


Credit: Instagram / @adventuresinpuppyraising

Leader Dogs for The Blind have approximately 500 volunteer puppy raisers working in 22 states and in Canada.

As a puppy raiser, you will provide shelter, food, medical care and most importantly, LOVE! For more information you can check out the Leader Dogs for the Blind website.