Why Do Cats Enjoy Curling Up In The Weirdest Places?

The reasons cats engage in this odd behavior can actually be explained with science!

By Catalina Barrios


Does this look familiar?

If you’re tired and want to take a nap (who doesn’t!), where is your go to spot? I will lay down on a sofa or in a bed or even better, I’d choose a hammock if I had one. The goal is to be as comfortable as possible. For cats, they choose plenty of other options besides their bed to relax.


Cats enjoy squeezing themselves in the tiniest places. Their attitude is usually: If it fits, I sits! How many times have you seen your cat crawl into boxes, baskets, under beds, or even curl up inside a paper bag? Somehow cats manage to squeeze into tiny spaces and then contort themselves into strange positions and end up falling asleep.


Why cats engage in this odd behavior can actually be explained. Here is why small places are more appealing to your cat …

1. Safety and Security


Cats choose to snuggle in small, unique places because they are not easily detected and at the same time they can check what is going on around them. They feel safe, secure and relaxed.

According to a 2014 study, hiding in boxes helps cats reduce stress as well as get used to their surroundings quicker.

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