All 10 Winners From The Kennel Club’s Dog Photographer Of The Year Award

Photos from all over the world capture how much we love dogs.

By Catalina Barrios

Cultura Inquieta

Credit: Cultura Inquieta

I love looking at pictures in my family albums. As my “abuelita”, my grandma used to say: “A picture is worth more than 1,000 words”. My grandma will always be one of the smartest people I have known. She was very wise in everything she said, and she was always right.

We could sit and look at pictures for hours, with her telling me the story behind each one. The stories my grandma shared were very captivating as are the pictures you will see in this article. These photos were chosen among hundreds of submissions from all over the world for the story the tell and the feelings they capture.

Cultura Inquieta2

Credit: Cultura Inquieta

Each year, The Kennel Club, which is maybe the oldest recognized canine institution in the world, mesmerizes us with pictures from their Dog Photographer of The Year competition. The pictures you are about to see will definitely capture your heart and will make you love dogs even more.

The Kennel Club’s Dog Photographer of the Year competition has ten categories: Portrait, Man’s Best Friend, Dogs At Play, Dogs At Work, Puppy, Oldies, I Love Dogs Because… (for entrants aged between 12 and 17 years old), Young Pup Photographer (for entrants aged 11 and under), Assistance Dogs and Rescue Dogs.

You will have to see all of the pictures to find out who the overall winner is … Who could it be?

1. Portrait Category Winner – Anastasia Vetkovskaya (Russia)

Cultura Inquieta3

Credit: Cultura Inquieta

Anastasia said this beautiful Afghan Hound dog named Sisley was great to shoot. She adds he was very expressive and emotional.

2. Man’s Best Friend Category Winner: Maria Davison Ramos (Portugal)

The Guardian

Credit: The Guardian

Yzma is a Golden Retriever cross and was adopted by one of the photographer’s best friends. Maria said her friend has just adopted Yzma when she took this picture in her kitchen while they were chatting.

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