American Actress Zendaya Loves Her Miniature Schnauzer Noon

This Disney star, movie star, clothing designer, and singer gets to go home to a puppy after a long day’s work.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @zendaya

This year a whole new reboot of the Spider-Man series came back to the big screen because obviously we need three different Spider-Men in a decade. As we went from the awkward and way too old Tobey McGuire and a red-headed Kirsten Dunst and his three movies to the slightly younger, but still not young enough Andrew Garfield and a blonde Emma Stone, we thought the Spider-Man movies would possibly cease to exist or at least continue with Andrew Garfield. However, we were wrong. Marvel gave us a newer, shinier, and more diverse(yay!) cast for it’s newest instalment to fit into the Avengers story line. Still an average age of 21, the cast wasn’t technically high school age, but they were much closer than their predecessors.

Our new MJ actress is neither blonde nor redheaded and not even the main love interest for Peter Parker. Zendaya takes a different approach to MJ. As the other MJ’s were your “girl next door” characters, Zendaya plays MJ as the cool, angst-filled loner who hangs out in detention just for fun. This drastic change gave the audience who have gone through all three franchises a much-needed breath of fresh air that maintains our interest in yet another superhero movie.


Credit: Instagram / @zendaya

Zendaya is a dog mom of an adorable Miniature Schnauzer named Noon! After the tragic loss of her childhood Schnauzer, Midnight, in 2015, she adopted Noon!


Credit: Instagram / @cesarsway

But puppies will be puppies and Zendaya had to utilize the skills of Cesar Millan the dog expert (who recently had to teach Kim K how to tame a yappy Pomeranian) to calm her puppy down.


Credit: Instagram / @zendaya

Like any mother, Zendaya takes her puppy troubles in stride. She loves Noon, who just turned two in October, to bits and even tolerates him when he fells asleep butt-first on her arm.

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