Halsey’s Tiny Pupper Is Not So Tiny Anymore

Halsey’s got all the love in the world with her puppy and boyfriend!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @iamhalsey

I’ve been listening to Halsey since Badlands in 2015. I loved every track, and loved and related to Halsey so much; I still love her! The 23-year-old artist writes all of her songs with all of her soul and when you listen to her albums you can feel her passion. Her newest album hopeless fountain kingdom which was released this year, was just as amazing as her last. She based it on Romeo and Juliet, not the play, but the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Earlier this year, singer and songwriter Halsey introduced Jagger to her followers on Instagram. The last time I checked on Jagger was only when we found out he existed! So, naturally as a fan, I went to check on him. And this baby boy got big!


Credit: Instagram / @iamhalsey

The best part about Jagger’s updates is that he now has the best ears ever. They never seem to agree with each other and stick in opposite directions!


Credit: Instagram / @iamhalsey

We’re pleased to say that Jagger is more of a bunny than a Pit Bull and it suits him very well. Look at those ears!!


Credit: Instagram / @g_eazy

Jagger wasn’t the only boy who stole Halsey’s heart this year. She and rapper G-Eazy started dating this year too. (Also, I looked for that dog Halsey is holding and my sleuthing skills failed me! If anyone can identify said pupper, let us know.)

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