The Newest And Youngest Spider-Man Has The Prettiest Girl At Home

Tom Holland’s love is a Pit Bull and we love both of them!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @tomholland2013


Apparently all we’ve been asking for is more and more superhero movies, so Marvel retired Andrew Garfield as The Amazing Spider-Man, Tobey McGuire style, and gave us a whole new baby-faced Spider-Man with Tom Holland. At 21, Tom Holland is the youngest actor to portray Spider-Man and stays truer to the original comic book Spider-Man with his teenage attitude. We got a sneak peek of him before his role in the last Avengers movie to prepare us for his other movies and MORE Avengers movies (who is ordering all of these??). No hate to Tom Holland, though, I thought he was a great Spider-Man. Plus the cast was amazing. Holland starred along Disney star Zendaya who played the new MJ!


Credit: Instagram / @tomholland2013

Back home, Tom has the cutest super-fan: a Pit Bull named Tessa! Tom adopted three-year-old Tessa as a tiny pupper and loves her to bits! She loves him just as much because not every dog is going to consent to wearing a costume like that!


Credit: Instagram / @tomholland2013

With the whole being an Avenger and all and filming other movies like Chaos Walking, Tom has to be away from Tessa for long periods of time. But he takes every opportunity to FaceTime with his fur baby!

He even goes as far as bringing her to interviews! #Win She didn’t participate much, she just wanted to sniff everything.


Credit: Instagram / @tomholland2013

When he’s not filming and is able to be with Tessa, they’re inseparable. Tessa gets all the cuddles while Tom rests from all the work that comes from being a superhero.


Credit: Instagram / @tomholland2013

Luckily for Tom he gets to work with other dogs on set. If he can’t be with Tessa, he just makes do with the other dogs who need his love and attention!


Credit: Instagram / @tomholland2013

He can’t resist cuddling any dog he meets and we love him for that! Forget about the days where we cared about who young actors are dating – we want to know if they love animals!


Credit: Instagram / @tomholland2013

But with great power, comes great responsibility and the new Spider-Man must join forces with Captain America, Iron Man, and the other Avengers to defeat whatever alien evil is coming to attack New York.


Credit: Instagram / @tomholland2013

Any breaks between filming are definitely spent with his favorite girl! Be sure to follow Tom on Instagram for more photos of Tessa!