Dogs, Turtles, And Even Pigs Are Among The Animals Rescued From California Wildfires

Brave Firefighters And Volunteers Step Up To Save Pets And Creatures

By Catalina Barrios

The Orange County Register

Credit: The Orange County Register

Imagine arriving home and seeing your house, and your entire neighborhood engulfed in flames, listening to people screaming for help and animals barking or making any noise they can to get their voice heard. This sad situation is not far from reality as it was something thousands of California residents had to deal with due to recent wildfires which saw over 200,000 people flee their homes, burning 50,000 acres of land.

Emergency crews have been working non-stop to save as many as possible, including pets, from this unforgettable catastrophe.


Credit: Twitter / @LAPDHQ

The Los Angeles Police Department tweeted this picture of an officer carrying a cat down the street. In the background you can see a big layer of smoke. The officer’s mission: saving the cat. I love the LAPD’s motto: “To Protect and Serve”


Credit: Twitter / @SanDiegoCounty

This 1,000 pound pig was transported to San Diego to escape the fire. The San Diego Humane Society’s focus has been rescuing pets and animals in the affected areas. Thankfully the pig received a well deserved nap after being rescued from what could have been the worst day of its life.


Credit: Twitter / @nbcsandiego

These adorable kittens were found in the aftermath of the fire. Good thing the deputies who patrolled the area were able to find them all and bring them to safety!

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