Girl Makes “Wall Of Sorrow” To Guilt Dad Into Getting Her A Cat

The success of the “wall of sorrow” went viral and we can’t stop laughing.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


This tactic is just so good.

When I was younger, I was pretty defiant and thought long and hard about how to get my parents to get me what I wanted. Most of the time it never worked and sometimes, if I was lucky, it worked (Thanks, Mom and Dad). My parents learned to never, ever tell me “maybe” because I ran with it and tried my best to wear that maybe down to a yes. Sometimes I even did the thing I didn’t get permission to do, knowing full well I’d get in trouble, but it was always worth the consequences. And yes, I know, I was (and possibly still am) a brat.

I’m older now and I can make most of my decisions on my own, but I do remember some of the tactics that work to my advantage. And guilt was never one of them (too risky and can be used against me)!


Credit: Twitter / @itsssdanielle

Twitter user @itsssdanielle showed that in some cases, guilt can work. It works best if you make a physical manifestation of what you want along with why you should get it.


Credit: Twitter / @itsssdanielle

Danielle’s clever 13-year-old sister made this wall montage in hopes of getting a cat so her dad could be reminded every time he passed this wall just how badly she wanted a kitty.


Credit: Twitter / @itsssdanielle

Even the photos had handwritten captions made just to make her dad feel extra guilty! We actually died of laughter when we saw these photos. This one both breaks your heart and makes you laugh because it’s just so dramatic.

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