Photographer Captures Heartbreaking Photo Of Starving Polar Bear

If you love animals, this may break your heart.

By Catalina Barrios

Paul Nicklen Photography

Credit: Facebook / Paul Nicklen Photography

I wake up every day thankful for what my son and I have, for having a comfortable bed to sleep in every night, for having warm food, for having health and for having each other. It breaks my heart knowing there are people and even animals who go days without food.

Ever since Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth or even Dr. Seuss’ story The Lorax, we’ve known that our constant product consumption has drastic affects on the world. Even so, in 2017 where there are outcries of “fake news” everywhere, people deny that global warming is even an issue. Even with the video and photo evidence such as the ones that follow, people still think that our actions as a consumeristic society do not lead to the loss of precious species every day.

This video of a starving polar bear in an iceless environment went viral and gives us the insight that ignorance allows us to ignore. We hope that this sad reminder will give us another push towards making the environment a priority once again.

Paul Nicklen Photography2

Credit: Facebook / Paul Nicklen Photography

Sadly, the impact of global warming is this the case for this polar bear, whose photo has captured attention around the world. Last summer, National Geographic photographer, Paul Nicklen was visiting the Baffin Islands in Canada when he came across this unfortunate view: a starving polar bear on iceless land.

Paul Nicklen Photography3

Credit: Facebook / Paul Nicklen Photography

The Earth’s climate is changing and is the cause of this bear’s suffering. The lack of ice is making it more difficult for polar bears to find food.

Paul Nicklen Photography4

Credit: Facebook / Paul Nicklen Photography

The Canadian photographer who captured this image is familiar with bears. Since becoming a wildlife photographer, he has seen over 3,000 bears in the wild, but the weak polar bear has been one of the most difficult situations he has seen.

We stood there crying—filming with tears rolling down our cheeks,” Nicklen said to National Geographic.

Paul Nicklen Photography5

Credit: Facebook / Paul Nicklen Photography

Since polar bears are animals who live only in Arctic regions, they are some of the first ones to feel the effects of warmer temperatures and rising seas. The polar bear you will see in this video was walking while dragging his back legs. He was looking for food in trash cans, finds nothing and suddenly collapses onto the ground.

This video brought tears to my eyes.

A study published this year by the United States Geological Survey says melting ice continues to be a serious threat to polar bears as it makes it more and more difficult for them to find food.

Paul Nicklen Photography6

Credit: Facebook / Paul Nicklen Photography

Nicklen, who co-founded the advocacy group SeaLegacy, whose mission is to create high-impact visual communications that motivate people to take action to protect our oceans, says people can help by reducing their carbon footprints and ending deforestation.


Credit: Instagram / @paulnicklen

It is never too late to start protecting our environment, our Planet Earth. #LetsSaveOurEnvironment