The 10 Best Photos From The 2017 National Dog Show

Cute and quirky snaps which capture why we love dogs

By Catalina Barrios

The National Dog Show

Credit: The National Dog Show

I love dogs. I see myself retiring and living in a big house with a large backyard where I can have several dogs, I will say four, running around all over the place. The happiness dogs have brought to my life is indescribable.

For people who love dogs, the annual National Dog Show is an event to look forward to. It’s a showcase of breeds you may rarely see, breeds you love, and the best of the best.

NBC Sports

Credit: NBC Sports

For the past 16 years, NBC’s yearly Thanksgiving tradition has been the National Dog Show. This competition which is hosted by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia, selects its winner after a full day of competition. It is like seeing a beauty pageant but for dogs. This year’s winner was Newton an adorable Brussels Griffon who looks like Star Wars character “Chewbacca”.

People Pets

Credit: People Pets

Here are some of our favorite moments from the 2017 National Dog Show. Let us know which one is your favorite photo. I know it is hard to pick just one …

1. A Lick Before The Show Starts

The Washington Post

Credit: The Washington Post

This is the face of a man who immediately regrets inhaling just as he was receiving a slobbery doggy kiss with a side of warm doggy breath! John O’Hurley’s face is priceless. He has been the host of the show since the beginning.

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