Can You Guess The Top Pet Name Of The Year?

Data shows 2017’s most popular cat and dog names

By Catalina Barrios

2017 has some classics and some surprises!

What made you choose your pet’s or child’s name? I remember when I was looking for a name for my son, I looked into different baby name books and ended up naming him after King Philip of Spain who I always admired. I then found out Philip or “Felipe” in Spanish, means “brave.” I have heard of parents naming their child after their favorite artist, singer or even the most popular name in the news. Can you imagine naming your child or fur child Barack, Michelle, Brittany, Meghan, or even Donald?


Pets are a very important part of the lives of millions of people. A lot of effort for sure goes into choosing the right name for the new member of your family. If you are looking for a name for your pet, you are in the right spot since Pet Insurance Australia recently announced their Top 10 Pet Names for 2017.

What do you think is the most popular name of 2017? It is one of my favorite names – it’s easy to pronounce and it is not English.

What could it be? Let’s find out …


According to Nadia Crighton form Pet Insurance Australia, there were lots of new names this year including Leo, Ruby, Max, and Tilly. Charlie made it to second spot on the list for top dog names, followed by Bella, Ruby, and Max in the top five. As for cats, Coco was the second most popular name followed by Leo, Bella, and Charlie.


Credit: Giphy / @geeksundry

If you enjoy a TV Show why not name your pet after your favorite character? Crighton said there was an increase in names from famous TV shows such as Game of Thrones. “Loki” was ranked number 11 on the cat list, is from the show Vikings and also a character played by Tom Hiddleston in The Avengers and Thor films.

More common names like Charlie, Bella and Ruby continue to be popular and made the list. This year Buddy, Lucy and Daisy were not seen in the top 10 names for dogs and were replaced by Luna, Frankie and Bailey. As for cats, Max, Tilly and Frankie are the newcomers to the list.


The most popular name for cats and dogs in 2017 is… LUNA.

Luna is the Spanish word for moon. Luna wasn’t in Pet Insurance Australia’s list for dogs last year and occupied fourth place for cats.


Credit: Tumblr / @100grammidisole

Did we go back to the 90’s when Sailor Moon was popular?

I love the name! The popularity of “Luna” may have been influenced by Chrissy Teigen‘s daughter who shares the name and frequently appears on the model’s Instagram page.

Let’s see if your cat and/or dog made the 2017 most popular names list.


Top 10 Dogs Names:

1. Luna
2. Charlie
3. Bella
4. Ruby
5. Max
6. Archie
7. Coco
8. Frankie
9. Bailey
10. Molly (shout-out to our fave!)


Top 10 Cats Names:

1. Luna
2. Coco
3. Leo
4. Bella
5. Charlie
6. Simba
7. Milo
8. Max
9. Tilly
10. Frankie


A couple of tips for choosing your pet’s name:

– Check how the name sounds when it is called out; this especially applies for dogs (you’ll be shouting this at the dog park, no doubt)

– Have a few names just in case your first choice doesn’t suit your pet when they arrive home. Sometimes, your intuition will guide you.

Share with us the most unique, funny or interesting name you’ve heard for a dog or a cat.