Can You Guess The Top Pet Name Of The Year?


The most popular name for cats and dogs in 2017 is… LUNA.

Luna is the Spanish word for moon. Luna wasn’t in Pet Insurance Australia’s list for dogs last year and occupied fourth place for cats.


Credit: Tumblr / @100grammidisole

Did we go back to the 90’s when Sailor Moon was popular?

I love the name! The popularity of “Luna” may have been influenced by Chrissy Teigen‘s daughter who shares the name and frequently appears on the model’s Instagram page.

Let’s see if your cat and/or dog made the 2017 most popular names list.


Top 10 Dogs Names:

1. Luna
2. Charlie
3. Bella
4. Ruby
5. Max
6. Archie
7. Coco
8. Frankie
9. Bailey
10. Molly (shout-out to our fave!)


Top 10 Cats Names:

1. Luna
2. Coco
3. Leo
4. Bella
5. Charlie
6. Simba
7. Milo
8. Max
9. Tilly
10. Frankie


A couple of tips for choosing your pet’s name:

– Check how the name sounds when it is called out; this especially applies for dogs (you’ll be shouting this at the dog park, no doubt)

– Have a few names just in case your first choice doesn’t suit your pet when they arrive home. Sometimes, your intuition will guide you.

Share with us the most unique, funny or interesting name you’ve heard for a dog or a cat.