Cat Owner Surprised As She Finds Unwelcomed Visitor In Her Pet’s Bed

It turns out that foxes enjoy beds for cats, too.

By Catalina Barrios


At 4 a.m. Meloney Blaze woke up to let her cat out through her kitchen window and then she went back to sleep. Two hours later she woke up and got ready for work. When she was on her way to the the bathroom she passed by the kitchen and noticed someone very unique in her cat’s bed and it definitely wasn’t her cat.

What could it be..?


What would you do if instead of finding your cat lying comfortably in his bed you find a … fox? Meloney had one foot in the bathroom and one in the hall, she looked back and realized the ears she saw were not cat ears. She saw a fox, an uninvited guest who had sneaked into George’s, her cat’s, bed.


Credit: Metro

The fox got into George’s bed after Meloney went back to sleep. When the cat came back from his walk in the garden he was not impressed with the new guest. He tried to scare the fox away by hissing at it but the fox refused to move!


Credit: The Sun

Meloney said the fox was very tame and didn’t want to leave. She kept tapping the cat’s bed with a cooking tool and moving away as she didn’t want to upset the wild animal because she didn’t know how he would react.

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