There’s A Film Festival Dedicated Entirely To Cats

The NY Cat Film Festival is a thing and it’s awesome.

By Catalina Barrios


Lights, Camera, Action…Every actor and actress dreams of making it to Hollywood, being recognized by millions of people around the world, having a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame or why not, even winning an Oscar.

Tracie Hotchner

Credit: Facebook / Tracie Hotchner

Tracie Hotchner, a pet-wellness advocate, created a film festival which can easily receive the attention of known festivals like TIFF, Sundance or even Cannes. The spotlight in Hotchner’s festivals are not the actors, actress, or their dresses, but rather CATS are the main characters.


Credit: New York Cat Film Festival

This year was New York’s first Cat Film Festival where cats were showcased in short films inspiring, educating and entertaining the audience. Cats and their owners are given the moment of fame in this unique and captivating festival. MEOW …


The Cat Film Festival features two programs of short films, ranging in length from two minutes to nearly an hour.

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