There’s A Film Festival Dedicated Entirely To Cats

“The intention is to illuminate who cats are and how they fit into our world. And that illumination is not about cuteness,” said Hotchner.

In 2015, Hotchner who is also a radio host, started the New York Dog Film Festival. In its first year the Cat Film Festival has been just as popular as the Dog Film Festival. Hotchner said she started with a dog festival because she didn’t think there could be a decent movie about a cat until she started searching and was surprised with what she found!


One of the short films, “Rescue”, focuses on an adorable cat consoling an owner with disabilities. In the 8-minute “Scaredy, the Cat,” New York City filmmaker Markie Hancock celebrates the life of a cat taken on to be a ratter at some public clay tennis courts in Riverside Park. It turns out this cat was scared of rats and some people and yet she established a very closed bond with a handful of humans.

The Cat Film Festival also features “Jetty Cats” a documentary that shows an overview of animal rights while documenting abandoned cats living in a Southern California jetty.

The films also describes the T.N.R. (Trap, Neuter, Return) movement which catches and neuters cats and returns them to their outdoor home. Take a look at the compelling trailer above.


Want to submit your cat video? The Cat Film Festival is looking for feline-themed films (documentary, animated or narrative) made by cat lovers. This is a great opportunity for cat lovers to showcase their films in front of other cat aficionados.