Dogs In LA Animal Shelters May Be Going Vegan

The “everyone is a vegan in LA” stereotype might become a reality for wolves’ descendants.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Fancy a broccoli?

It’s kind of a joke that the rest of the world thinks that your typical Los Angeles person might just be rich and famous, does Yoga regularly, and chooses to be vegan and eat gluten free. Not that everyone in LA does this, but enough people do that it’s just as amusing as believing that Canadians live in igloos, love plaid, and are unnaturally polite. But LA is living up to at least one of their stereotypes: everyone’s a vegan because the environment is suffering, people!


The Los Angeles City Board of Animal Services Commissioners want to go through with a plan to trade the meat-based diet of shelter animals to a plant-based diet.


Los Angeles will be the first city of the nation to ever change the current diet plan for shelter animals.

The new plan will see that six LA shelters will change the meal plans. 33 000 shelter dogs would have to adapt to a diet that their wolfish ancestors never had to even consider.


According to The New York Post, supporters include Moby, the musician, and Lisa Bloom, a lawyer, argue that it would further the city to be more environmentally and ethically friendly.

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