Heartbreaking Images Show Discarded Dogs And The Horror of Christmas Puppy Markets

A painful reminder to adopt smart this season and all seasons.

By Catalina Barrios


What was on your family’s Christmas wishlist? I remember my sisters and I drawing a puppy in our letters to Santa. It was the only thing on our list for a couple of years until we got “Motas” an adorable French Poodle who spent many years with us. Motas got to know us very well and was the happiest dog in the world as soon as he saw us getting off the school bus.

Thousands of dogs find lovable homes each year but sadly this hasn’t been the case for some dogs in England. Recently the RSPCA (England’s largest animal welfare charity) found the bodies of six dogs dumped by the side of a country road wrapped in children’s clothing.

Warning: The images you are about to see may be disturbing


Credit: The Sun

RSPCA inspector Jaime Godfrey received a call after six puppies were found in Amersham, England. The puppies were three Labradors, one Chihuahua, one Jack Russell Terrier and another Terrier.

“The pups were wrapped up in two kids’ t-shirts and a towel inside a bag that had simply been chucked onto the verge,” said Godfrey.

It is hard to imagine these puppies went through all this suffering. Why? All they wanted was to be adopted and be part of a family.


Credit: Dogs Today

Godfrey said the different dog breeds suggest these innocent dogs were “waste” from a nearby breeder who was trying to get rid of them before Christmas. The puppies’ death is unclear since they were neither microchipped nor identifiable but Godfrey said due to the different breeds chances are they came from a puppy farm nearby.

What a bitter feeling knowing these puppies never had the chance to find a new home, to play and run around with children or to lay with their owners on the sofa while watching TV and eating treats. According to Godfrey, there are many breeders and dealers who indiscriminately breed and import puppies to make quick money during Christmas.


Credit: Express

“However, unfortunately many of these underground dealers will put profits ahead of the health and welfare of the dogs and families are left with extremely sick puppies, dogs with behavioral problems and huge vet or behaviorist bills,” added Godfrey.

The RSPCA is working hard to find the person or people behind this horrible act of cruelty.

If you see or suspect any animal cruelty, report it as soon as possible to your local humane society or animal control entity. If you are thinking of adopting a pet from a rescue or going to a farm breeder, please read this first. Not all rescue pets are really rescues. Let’s hope this can be the year to end puppy mills once and for all.