Meet Stanko Perić And His Lovable Keeshond, Caesar, From Melbourne

He’s tough, he’s fluff, but most importantly, he love.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Why is this breed always smiling?

At one of Get Leashed’s Diner En Bark events, one of our dog walkers brought her own fluffy pet to enjoy the company of our guests. I had the opportunity to sit with this gorgeous dog and asked his human what breed he was. She told me he was a Keeshond and I pulled a blank face. I had never heard of a Keeshond before, but throughout the night I fell in love with him more and more. He was just so happy and staring at his human lovingly, and every time someone called his name he’d look at the person with such a happy face!

Keeshonds, like many other dog breeds, were raised as companion and working dogs. They were watchdogs on boats in Holland in the 17th and 18th centuries. Today, Keeshonds are really a man’s best friend – they love people and love to do all things family-activity related!


Credit: Instagram / @stankoperic

When I came across Stanko Perić’s Instagram account, I knew I needed to share photos of him and his adorable Keeshond, Caesar, with our Get Leashed family! Living in Melbourne, Australia with his wife Lauren and Caesar, Stanko graciously answered all of our questions about living with an adorable Keeshond.

Let’s get to know Caesar and his family!


Credit: Instagram / @stankoperic

1. How did you choose Caesar? Have you always wanted a Keeshond? For people not familiar, what is special about this breed?


Credit: Instagram / @stankoperic

Stanko: My wife Lauryn and I have always loved dogs and have grown up with them all our life. When we got married in 2013, we decided it was time for us to add a furry addition to our household before we have kids. We were Googling images of dogs one night and came across a little Keeshond puppy. This was the first time I have ever seen a Keeshond, as they’re not that common, but we fell in love with them and started our search for a breeder. The special thing about Keeshond’s is they are very playful, loyal and eager to please. This makes them very obedient and a perfect family dog.

2. How was Caesar as a puppy? Was he mischievous or calm?


Credit: Instagram / @stankoperic

Stanko: Cesar was a very mischievous and naughty puppy. He wouldn’t chew any furniture or anything destructive like that but he would love to nibble on little things like toys and ornaments and anything else on site. One Christmas we woke up and found him on the couch with Christmas tree decorations around him that he had been trying to eat all night, he was so cute it was sometimes hard to discipline him.

3. Caesar is very fluffy – how does he take to the climate in Melbourne with all that fluff??


Credit: Instagram / @stankoperic

With all that fluff and happy face, Caesar looks like a giant Pomeranian, especially like this one!!

Stanko: We get Caesar groomed regularly and we also have his stomach shaved so he can lie across cool surfaces and keep himself as cool as possible. He has always loved water so we have a shallow pool set up for him outside in the shade that he uses regularly to cool down in warmer weather when he isn’t sitting in front of the air-conditioner. His coat helps keep him cooler in the hotter months as well as keeping him warm in winter. We often find him hiding under our grapevine next to the fence when we get home from work. I think this is where he waits for us everyday.

😭❤️ That’s soooo sweet!! 😭❤️


Stanko Lauryn & Caesar

Credit: Instagram / @stankoperic

The Perić family is heavily active in the CrossFit lifestyle. They even go on walks at 6AM with the happy Caesar!

4. As someone who participates in CrossFit training, are you and Caesar active together? Is your whole family active together?


Credit: Instagram / @stankoperic

Stanko: Both Lauryn and I are very active and love Crossfit. We try to train 6 times(😱) per week and we make sure that we walk Caesar daily, sometimes twice a day so he gets his exercise too. He is a very fit dog and looooooves walking around the neighborhood.

5. What’s your favorite thing to do as a family?


Credit: Instagram / @stankoperic

Stanko: We love going out for breakfasts by the beach with Caesar. We take him to an off leash area specifically allocated for dogs and one that has been fenced off for their safety. As he loves water and hanging out in cafes this has become a weekly thing for us. He also loves sitting in the back while we drive, probably two of his favorite things to do, ever.

6. Are you planning to make your family bigger? Possibly another baby (fur or human)? If so, how do you think Caesar would react?


Credit: Instagram / @stankoperic

Stanko: Lauryn and I are planning to have a baby soon and believe Caesar would love and welcome that. The Keeshond breed is very friendly and loyal and would treat the baby with love just as he treats us. People often put their dog aside when they have a baby and that’s something we both strongly don’t believe is fair. We will always keep him included as you would any other part of the family.

7. We’re sorry to hear about the loss of your dog Bella. What was Bella like?

Bella 1

Credit: Instagram / @stankoperic

Stanko: Bella was actually my wife family dog. She was a Pomeranian who loved chicken and sitting on her pillow giving everyone the ‘stare’. At least until she got a treat from them then it was all pats. She grew up with a German Shepherd and I believe she must have just always thought she was one too because she would bark at bigger dogs like she was above them. (😂)

8. Is there any overlap between the dog and CrossFit community? Would you say your followers are there for your dog or for CrossFit?


Credit: Instagram / @stankoperic

Walkies are meant for exploring, but all Caesar wants to do is stare!

Stanko: I think CrossFit in general is a big dog-friendly community. A lot of people bring their dogs to watch them train and our crossfire is very open to that. They even have a dog area just for them like a dog day care. If you are ever in Melbourne check out CrossFit Richmond – most dog friendly gym in the world! My followers are a mixture of an audience. Mainly ranging from dog lovers to CrossFitters and actors and the entertainment industry.

Okay, so I’m ready to buy a ticket to Melbourne to check out its CrossFit and dog community and hopefully meet this adorable dog who waits under the grapevine for his humans!!

Here are more photos from Stanko’s Instagram for us to love and adore Caesar:


Credit: Instagram / @stankoperic

There aren’t many photos where Caesar isn’t staring at his humans with absolute adoration and we’re melting all over. He’s just a fluff ball full of love!


Credit: Instagram / @stankoperic

We weren’t joking – even though Caesar is outside in this photo and there’s so much for him to sniff, he’s giving Stanko a stare. True love!!


Credit: Instagram / @stankoperic

“Hey, Dad … why are you not petting me? HMM??”

Caesar doesn’t know that the Internet needs more photos of him! He just wants all the cuddles his family can offer.


Credit: Instagram / @stankoperic

Caesar loves hugging Stanko and Lauren and probably thinks he’s still as small as a puppy. It doesn’t matter to him that he’s about half the size of his humans – he’s getting his cuddles no matter what!


Credit: Instagram / @stankoperic

It must be hard to leave Caesar at home when they need to if Caesar does this every time. Who needs to handle real life responsibilities when you have a Keeshond to pet?


Credit: Instagram / @stankoperic

Of course, there’s always time for one last hug and pat before leaving Caesar at home. Don’t lie – you’d probably do the same too!

Stanko & caesar Reindeer

Credit: Instagram / @stankoperic

Guess which Reindeer is ready for Christmas? Too bad Caesar doesn’t get much snow where he lives, we’d bet he’d love it! Come visit Get Leashed in Toronto you’ll have a blast, Caesar!


Credit: Instagram / @stankoperic

Get Leashed would like to thank Stanko for answering all of questions and giving us a little insight on what it’s like to live with a Keeshond. Be sure to follow him on Instagram!