Can You Guess This Year’s Most Searched Dog Breeds?

7. Golden Doodle

They’re cute, they’re fluffy, and they look like perfect cuddle monsters. We think insta famous Doods like Murphy the Golden Doodle have played a part in popularizing this gorgeous breed.

6. Beagle

Beagles are full of energy and love to hunt. The breed is also described as happy go lucky. Aww! Just one look at their cute face and you can see why they made it to the sixth spot on this year’s list.

5. Australian Shepherd

Coming in at number five, this incredible breed and their Miniature counterparts are as smart as they are stunning. They love to learn new things and be helpful. From ad campaigns to dog parks, we bet you’ll be seeing these pups everywhere.

4. French Bulldog

Celebs like Lady Gaga and Martha Stewart have helped popularize this breed, but sadly, irresponsible breeding practices are causing health issues in the breed. With possible eye issues, breathing problems and more, shelters in some areas are seeing an uptake in Frenchie surrenders from owners who cannot handle the financial responsibility of this breed’s health costs. Please, if you love Frenchies, research the breed locate a reputable source.

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