Paws In The Hood – What Every Toronto Dog Should Be Wearing

The couple chose Tuko because Jen wanted a Maltese/Shih Tzu (which are hypoallergenic) and she began to research reputable breeders that were expecting puppies. When they met the litter, they asked to see the male dogs. The first boy puppy was shy and hid from Jen and Justin. So, they moved on to the second pup and met their future fur-ever friend. Tuko showed no shyness and was an energetic floof ball from the start.

Based upon his great personality, the couple decided to adopt him. As they recounted the story, their only regret was that they didn’t adopt the other puppy too, who Jen affectionately named Bruno.

But Tuko doesn’t regret not bringing his brother home to join his family. Tuko loves being the “only child” and only tolerates other dogs. When Jen works from home, Tuko prepares himself for a long day of napping alone on the couch. The couple believe that if they have a baby, Tuko may become quite jealous at first!

With their fur baby completely satisfied with the family dynamics, we started talking about Toronto dog life – what it needs and what it has! To Jen and Justin, the Toronto dog market is pretty stacked when it comes to treats and accessories. But the biggest market that they feel is underserved is that of big dogs.

Most pet stores have clothes for dogs no bigger than Tuko, but with Toronto’s cold winters,  Justin and Jen have heard from their customers that there is a need for clothes for bigger dogs. They believe that most people think that big dogs don’t need clothes since they already have the extra fluff (we’re looking at you Malamutes!). But when presented with the option, most dog parents want cute outfits for their dogs – no matter the size!

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