Paws In The Hood – What Every Toronto Dog Should Be Wearing

Do your woofers run through the six with their woes? Cop them a hoodie!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Toronto life can be described with a few phrases and words that mostly come from Mr. Champagne Papi, AKA Drake himself, these include: 6God, running through the six with my woes, views, We the North and Toronto VS Everyone. Plus a number of references to do with TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) delays that I could talk about to no end, but don’t get me started. As Torontonians, we love our city – we’ll rep the Raptors, Blue Jays, and possibly the Maple Leafs no matter how many L’s we take, we’re proud of our “6Dad” @NormKelly, and take the transit because we have no other choice.

But what runs through our blood at Get Leashed is the dog community of Toronto. You’ll always see a dog on your morning trip to work or the coffee shop or school. The dog park is where you’re going to make your new doggie friends to invite to your doggie birthdays! But what brings us, pups and humans of Toronto, closer together most of all? The winter – most loathed of all seasons.

Paws In The Hood is a brand new Etsy shop based in (where else?) Toronto, which sells hoodies for the 6Dogs of Toronto. The founders, Justin and Jennifer are dog parents to the cutest Maltese/Shih Tzu mix named Tuko! In the winter, they would dress Tuko in sweaters that made him uncomfortable. As any dog parent would want, Justin thought that there should be a dog hoodie that was both stylish, comfortable and capable of keeping their pup warm during winter months.

Thus, Paws In The Hood was born with its first original design: paws “through the six”. Of course, they decided on hoodies because who isn’t comfortable in a hoodie???

We were interested in these amazingly cute and ultra local pet attire brand, so we decided to get to know the minds behind hood. I got to sit down with Justin, Jennifer, and of course Tuko and learn their story.

According to Justin, Jennifer technically came first. Tuko, it seems, was an engagement gift! (awwww). They had visited Tuko a few weeks beforehand while touring breeders and Justin picked him up earlier to surprise Jen as part of his purposal, back in 2015!

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