The Get Leashed Christmas Pet Roundup 2017!

We’ve got dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and even hedgehogs all ready for the holidays!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @lol.b.bostonandfamily

‘Tis the season! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, you just can’t seem to escape the feeling of holiday fever anywhere you go. At home, there are the neighbors who either put up some lights here and there, or the neighbors that go ALL out for Christmas. On the way to work you see signs of Christmas everywhere and you somehow begin to harbor the belief that the acceptable time for both putting up (and taking down) Christmas decorations has crept far too close to both Halloween and Valentine’s Day. During your coffee break, you notice your coffee cup is dressed up for the holidays too – snowflakes and bows being all the rage this year. That’s right friends, all these signs latter up to the fact that ’tis, indeed, the season to spread some festive cheer. Of course, one of our favorite parts of this time of year is seeing all the pets on Instagram, as they too, get ready for the pawlidays!

Here are some of our festive favorites (It was so hard to choose)!

Meeting Santa:


Credit: Instagram / @chichi.thepomsky

It’s puppy’s first Christmas for ChiChi the Pomsky! Brushed, primped and oh-so-fluffy, she looks right at home in Santa’s arms. All signs point to this pup ending up on his “nice list” this year.


Credit: Instagram / @mwardjr

One of our favorite dog dads, Michael, and his Huskies took this fun and festive family photo with good old St. Nick. We wonder what that jolly man in red might think about Ollie and Aya destroying three sofas this year!? Naughty-naughty!

Family photos:

Whether you stick to your family like glue or only see them during the holidays, it’s almost mandatory to take that yearly Christmas photo!


Credit: Instagram / @piggiesandapitty

Moki (Pitty), Frida, and Pandora are all dressed up and ready for Santa’s arrival. As you can imagine, taking the perfect photo can be rather difficult. Getting everyone to smile at the same time might be a feat for the ages, but when you do capture that magic moment it’s certainly worth all the trouble (and treat waving)!


Credit: Instagram / @88kncorbett

Does your gang do Christmas like this merry bunch? This rescue family and Baby Sonny don’t play around when it comes to getting great group shots and Christmas is no exception! Everyone say, candycane!!!


Credit: Instagram / @shandandherdogs

It’s another puppy’s first Christmas and little Bowen finds himself surrounded by the fluffiest clan that a pup could hope for. If only all of our own relatives could take such a distinguished family photo. Can you believe not one of them blinked? We applaud you. We. Applaud. You.


Credit: Instagram / @threerescuemonkeys

When each of your siblings look like a carbon copy of one another there’s no telling who has been naughty and who has been nice. I guess that means there will simply have to be plenty of presents for one and all. Winston, Guinness, and Daisy we’re sending Santa your way!

Excited fluffy individuals:


Credit: Instagram / @molleyomalley.sheltie

Widely known for being the happiest Sheltie ever, Molly O’Malley continues to be the happiest Sheltie during the Christmas season. Just look at that contagious smile and that dapper festive sweater. What’s not to be happy about, right?


Credit: Instagram / @itsmoosethepug

Mr. Moose the Pug is all dressed up for the holidays but appears to be quite concerned about Santa’s arrival. He has asked for a variety of pug-a-licious treats this year and there is only limited room in his stocking. A very perplexing conundrum indeed.


Credit: Instagram / @shila_the_pom

Shila the ADORABLE Pomeranian is the fluffiest and tiniest helper who is ready to decorate the Christmas tree. We think it is no accident that she is perfectly coordinated with the color palette of her ornaments. Tres chic, shila!


Credit: Instagram / @mr.pokee

What would Christmas be without the appearance of a holiday hedgehog??? Not a great one, says Mr. Pokee, the hedgehog who stole our hearts in his tiny Santa hat. Spikes or no spikes, we’re up for a holiday cuddle with this cute little nugget.


Credit: Instagram / @scoutgoldenretriever

“Scout’s” honor, we’d definitely give Scout the Golden a kiss on the snoot if we find him under the mistletoe. If he happens to offer free hugs the rest of the year, we’d take one of those too!


Credit: Instagram / @popeyethefoodie

Popeye knows what’s good during the holiday season: Food. Yes, family time is great and gifts are good, but he knows that a delicious meal, prepared with tradition and love, is really what brings all of us together!


Credit: Instagram / @pugloulou

One of our favorite Pugs, Loulou, is all dressed-up with EVERYWHERE to go. Due to her looking so cute in her array of Christmas outfits, she is bound to receive a number of holiday party invites. We know we’d certainly love to partake in a festive boogie with this puggie.


Credit: Instagram / @vancitychief

Best. Tree. Alternative. Ever. Aside from being a most formidable tree this holiday season, Chief is taking on the arduous tasks of guarding presents, watching the fireplace to ensure fire safety and pretending to nap so as to catch Santa himself in the act! A dog’s work is never done.

What’d you got on these siblings?


Credit: Instagram / @harlowandsage

It’s Willow’s priority to make sure her sisters don’t open their presents before Christmas Day! Naturally, the girls are offended that she’d even think that they would try to sneak a peek. Otherwise these clever pups win the prize for most ingenious festive photo opps. Well done!


Credit: Instagram / @digbyvanwinkle

These Brussels Griffon brothers are psyched for Christmas! Alo is definitely excited for Santa to come and visit his home. Digby, on the other hand, is a little tired and fed up with all the busybodying happening in his home! Can’t he just nap and wake up to a decorated house?

Credit: Instagram / @tangomunch_pitbull

Tango and Poukie go ALL OUT for Christmas. Their Christmas party is definitely going to be lit. Also, applause to these pups for wearing so much seasonal swag and being so happy about it!

Credit: Instagram /

At the end of the day, the holiday season is about spending time with your friends and loved ones, like this cuddly family, and taking a break from the busy day-to-day tasks that make us forget what really matters.

Happy Holidays from the Get Leashed team and all of our favorite online pets.