Life of Vi  – Violet’s Gift Guide

All this Frenchie’s favorite things that she’s ever received

By Rachel Simpson

I know, we’re a little late for a Holiday gift guide this year since Christmas is only a handful of days away. The following items, however, are Violet’s ALL-TIME favorite (non-human, inedible) things she’s ever received – a bunch of perfect somethings for the discerning pet (and owner) at any time of year. So for last minute Labradors or picky Poodles, you may just find the perfect gift.

Have a look at Violet’s all-time favorite gifts:

1. Graphic Goods from Pipolli

They’re graphic, bold, and blend seamlessly into both our home and Violet. We love the collar, the striped shirt, and of course the fun teepee.

2. Cozy cool from Canada Pooch

Another of our favorite Canadian brands. Vi hasn’t gone a winter without wearing their soft sweaters and is loving their luxurious & comfortable Birch Beds.

3. High Fashion from Hound Collection

It’s no secret we’re big fans of Canadian brand, Hound Collection. Each piece is designed with current fashion trends in mind: think luxe leathers, soft velvets, and charms so gorgeous, you’ll want to wear them yourself.

4. Sweet Soles from Poochie Boots

These boots protect Vi’s paws and look good doing it. Snug and stylish with interchangeable straps so you can change the look depending on your dog’s mood or outfit. They even have red soles, in homage to Christian Louboutin. Also, Ruby Rufus cashmere sweaters are warm, decadent and stylish. Is it weird to be jealous or your dog’s wardrobe?

5. Toys on Toys on Toys

Fashion (and food and people) aside, there’s nothing Vi loves more than a new toy. The year you stop asking for toys is kind of the year you leave your childhood behind. Violet, it’s pretty clear, will always be a puppy at heart.

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