These Cats Are Ready For The Holiday Season

Some are full of cheer… most are annoyed

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Any cat lovers out there dealing with some grumpy cats who just won’t get excited for this year’s festive season? Or do you have one of the more tolerant cats who will wear what you want without a hint of a hiss! Either way, there are some people out there who will dress-up their cats no matter what. Even if those little, fuzzy, faces don’t look so happy, their outfits certainly make them appear full of holiday cheer!

Here are some of the results of human intervention to make cats seem excited for the holidays!


Credit: Instagram / @fashionista_nl

“Human, what is this trap you have put me in? No, it is not adorable. Let me out immediately!”

Sorry, kitty, you’re stuck in there until the human gets a good picture. Good thing the Internet loves cat content, you’re probably going to go viral!


Credit: Instagram / @jarorrer

“Have you built me my own kingdom? How sweet of you to finally recognize me for my royal nature. WAIT!!! WHY ARE YOU EATING IT!?”

Later that day, the poor gingerbread community was demolished by this defiant cat.


Credit: Instagram / @kabanashack

Skittle says, “Why do you constantly bombard me with a seemingly endless application of tiny hats? Where is the dignity? You do realize that you will eventually have to go to sleep at some point, at which time I will execute my revenge.”

His face is definitely full of Christmas cheer. Dont-ya-think?

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