These Cats Are Ready For The Holiday Season

Some are full of cheer… most are annoyed

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Any cat lovers out there dealing with some grumpy cats who just won’t get excited for this year’s festive season? Or do you have one of the more tolerant cats who will wear what you want without a hint of a hiss! Either way, there are some people out there who will dress-up their cats no matter what. Even if those little, fuzzy, faces don’t look so happy, their outfits certainly make them appear full of holiday cheer!

Here are some of the results of human intervention to make cats seem excited for the holidays!


Credit: Instagram / @fashionista_nl

“Human, what is this trap you have put me in? No, it is not adorable. Let me out immediately!”

Sorry, kitty, you’re stuck in there until the human gets a good picture. Good thing the Internet loves cat content, you’re probably going to go viral!


Credit: Instagram / @jarorrer

“Have you built me my own kingdom? How sweet of you to finally recognize me for my royal nature. WAIT!!! WHY ARE YOU EATING IT!?”

Later that day, the poor gingerbread community was demolished by this defiant cat.


Credit: Instagram / @kabanashack

Skittle says, “Why do you constantly bombard me with a seemingly endless application of tiny hats? Where is the dignity? You do realize that you will eventually have to go to sleep at some point, at which time I will execute my revenge.”

His face is definitely full of Christmas cheer. Dont-ya-think?


Credit: Instagram / @katie.rose.07

“You. Will. Pay.”

The next morning this kitty’s owners woke up a mess of ornaments, garland and tinsel from a Christmas tree that has mysteriously fallen over during the night. Must have been a faulty  tree stand – or was it?!


Credit: Instagram / @megshizz

“I’m not sure why you’re putting this strange hat on my head, but if it will make you love me more, I’ll wear it purr-ever.”

Just look at this wee kitten celebrating his first Christmas! Those eyes could melt anyone’s heart. We want to put him in our pocket!


Credit: Instagram / @mochikit

“If you’re going to wear it, you have to own it, gurlfriend!”

You’ve got your run of the mill kitty costumes and then you have cats that dress like this. Red and green everywhere! This kitty wins the Kittiest Poinsettia Award!


Credit: Instagram / @morris_the_persian_cat

“Are you serious? There isn’t even snow!”

We vote for trading those loud, singing lawn ornaments for adorable kitties like this!


Credit: Instagram /  @kabanashack

“So, as it turns out, this hat is actually okay… but … only because Mum is holding me. Let’s not get too excited now. It’s not going to become a regular thing” – Skittle

See, Skittle can look rather pleased sometimes! Maybe he’ll even let us bop his nose? Teeheehee.


Credit: Instagram / @my_furry_babies

“Really? The elf? On my head? I’d better be getting the whole pack of treats!”

The darn Elf on the Shelf needs to learn his limits. He may get destroyed before anyone even opens presents!


Credit: Instagram / @my_furry_babies

“Whahaha. YESSSS, I am one of Santa’s elves … And I am in control of your presents. This year you will receive an artisanal, hand curated, collection of dead mice – you’re welcome.”

I actually didn’t know which one was the cat at first glance – that’s when you know it’s a good costume!


Credit: Instagram / @r_zum_s

“Santa is out of business this year, will be staying in this bag indefinitely.”

If this kitty stays in the bag, then it’s like having a Christmas present every day! #Win


Credit: Instagram / @ragdoll_henry

“I’m too exhausted to fight you on this one. You win. Okay? You win … sigh …”

That’s right, Henry is frosty the magic snowman this year! What a good sport, he almost looks like he’s enjoying his costume! Then again, it’s quite possible that he doesn’t quite realize that he wants to destroy it yet.


Credit: Instagram / @smokey_leo_sf

Cat 1: “Seriously, though. Tell the truth! Does this make me look fat?”

Cat 2: “Ummm…”

You kitties both look great. We think these sweaters are adorable. In fact, you guys win Cutest Sweater Award! So there.


Credit: Instagram / @tyrickasaurus

“Hey! Look down here. See, I put it on all by myself. Now, you may reward me by filling this large sock with treats.”

I mean, can you imagine?! Because we can.


Credit: Instagram / @greatmommymoments

“Ornaments?! I think not. This tree has never looked so good.”

This cat has made it known that he is a Christmas ornament this year. He won’t be moved without a worthy challenger. In other words, this is his tree now.

Are you cats excited or they can’t bothered about the holidays? Leave a comment an let us know. Or share your own pics and we might include them in our next list.

Happy Paw-lidays!