Toast, The Rescue Dog Who Became An Instagram Sensation Passes Away


Credit: Instagram / @toastmeetsworld

Toast, along with her proud human mom, were fierce advocates of ending the cruel practice of puppy mills. Using her popularity and personality, she helped advocate for the adoption of rescue dogs. Toast even had a wedding and all the proceeds were donated to Friends of Finn, an organization which fights to combat the inhumane treatment of dogs in puppy mills.


Credit: Instagram / @toastmeetsworld

“Toast was often a little devil. Grabbing rolls of toilet paper off and dragging them into the living room for a snack”, said Katie. She goes on the say that Toast enjoyed snoring too. Katie posted a eulogy on the @toastmeetsworld Instagram account and paid a tribute to her famous dog by asking fans to upload their favorite pictures of Toast.


Credit: Instagram / @toastmeetsworld

Katie also set up a foundation in Toast’s name, “Toast Meets Heaven” where all proceeds go towards continuing Toast’s work in raising awareness about puppy mills and promoting the adoption of rescue dogs.


Credit: Instagram / @the12ishstyle

Katie wrote the following on her Instagram page: “Toast was not just a pet to me, she was an inspiration. I found myself through that journey and I have never felt more at peace with myself. I’m devastated but I am so grateful for this toothless angel”.

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