Siberian Cats Have Taken Over A Russian Family Farm


Credit: Twitter / @allebedev1

Alla, who loves taking videos and pictures, started posting and sharing content featuring the cats a couple of years ago. Shorty after, her posts went viral across social media. Many of the cats were originally credited as being ‘Norwegian Forest Cats’ instead of Siberian. Lebedeva wants to inform everyone that all the cats in her photos and videos are in fact Siberian natives.


Credit: Europa Press

She frequently posts videos of her cats on her YouTube channel which is growing in subscriber numbers each day.


Credit: Daily Mail

Would you like to visit Alla and Sergey’s “Catland”? If these incredible photos are ever turned into a cat calendar, I know I’ll be the first to purchase one.


Credit: The Siberian Times

On this farm, everyone’s a friend. Instead of chasing the chickens and roosters the cats and their feathered comrades coexist peacefully.

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