Meet Officer Jester, The Jokester Of The K9 Unit

Jester the Police Dog is taking the Internet by storm

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


When we see police dogs on duty, we sometimes feel intimidated and a little scared of them. They’re trained to apprehend, hold, and possibly even maim fleeing culprits! When we think of Police K9s, we primarily think of German Shepherds, but many are actually Belgian Malinois who can look very similar in build and coloring. Malinois are said to be easier to train and control which makes them excellent working dogs!


Credit: Instagram / @k9_jester

These dogs are trained to execute a specific set of tasks and actions based on the commands given by their partner. But when they’re off duty, they can be just like any other house pet – all the licks and cuddles.


Credit: Instagram / @k9_jester

And naturally, when it comes to licks and cuddles Police dog, Jester, is no exception.

True professional, Jester knows how to do his job well. But what he loves most is the time he spends looking for some pats and belly rubs from his partner in [stopping] crime, J. Walker of the El Cajon Police Department.


Credit: Instagram /  @k9_jester via Reddit


In addition to fearlessly pursuing dangerous criminals, Jester is also quite the quite the comedian. And boy does he have the internet chuckling away at his wacky antics. Jester went viral on December 22nd after this video was posted on his Instagram.

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