Puppy Pilates: You’ve Never Looked So Cute During a Workout

Pilates Studio in Asheville, NC shows some serious puppy love.

By Catalina Barrios

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Credit: Instagram / @ciscopilates

How many of you enjoy exercising? Personally, getting fit and losing a little weight always seems to be on my bucket list. But lately I have been exercising little by little each day and so far I am really liking it. In doing my research about what types of physical activities might be a good fit for my lifestyle, I quickly learned that Internet has no limits when searching for exercises. For me, fitness is all about trying to integrate mini-workouts into what I already love doing. And I love going for walks with my dog. Our walks are not as long in the winter as they are in the summer because of the weather, but both of us enjoy being outdoors.


Credit: Instagram / @ciscopilates

To make up for the lost outdoor exercise time in winter months, I’ve decided that I am going to start doing yoga and Pilates. Friends have told me these types of workouts help you with your flexibility, breathing and mindfulness. Sounds great to me! While I was asking my good friend, Google, for Pilates and yoga recommendations, I found a cute and rather unique workout that I can do with my dog, “Puppy Pilates”.

It sounds adorable! I have no doubt exercising with your dog is a rewarding experience. Imagine yourself going to a yoga class with your dog. Instead of calling it yoga class, how about calling it “Doga”, which we at Get Leashed happen to host for our members on a monthly basis.


Credit: Instagram / @ciscopilates

Let me explain why I find the idea of Puppy Pilates is so interesting. Your furry friend is a great addition to your life. He motivates you, makes you look forward to come home everyday only to head right back out for walkies, and encourages you to take life a bit less seriously – all things that are really good for your health. Now, how about exercising with your dog? Doing a specific activity together, like Pilates or DOGA not only improves both the pet’s and the person’s physical health, contributing to longevity and increasing immunity against infections, but it also works to improved mental health and the bond between the dog and his owner. It’s a real positive double-whammy of one’s health is concerned.

As if that wasn’t good news enough, a Pilates studio in Asheville, North Carolina decided to include puppies into its pilates classes in an effort to raise funds for a one of their favorite charities. The result? 100% success … and 1000% cuteness overload.


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Credit: Instagram / @ciscopilates

As a way of helping the Asheville Humane Society, Cisco Pilates, announced a workout class that would include puppies. All of the proceeds went to the Humane Society and the puppies’ adoption fees were waived so participants could bring home a new best furry friend after class.

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