Daniel Wellington Watches Uses Fluffy Followers As Brand Ambassadors

You and your pet could be featured on the Daniel Wellington Instagram page!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @milaivyofficial

It’s no secret that dog owners are a fashionable, discerning, powerful buying group. Just look at how much these owners spent last year! Brands from Subaru to Moncler and more are catering to the petset with great success. Sometimes it’s a simple hashtag (#DinerEnBark, anyone?), like Hound Collection’s #FromHeadToHound that connects us to share moments, events, our pets, and yes, products.

Popular watch brand Daniel Wellington makes no exception. With their clever marketing and hashtag strategy, DW has harnessed the pet-fluencers of Instagram and capitalized on the Internet’s love for cute and fluffy animals. If you use #DanielWellington or #DWPickOfTheDay, Daniel Wellington may feature you on their Instagram page, to 3.9 million followers.


Credit: Instagram / @mylittle.cricket

The online dog community is quite supportive, and getting a post on a huge brand page  can help grow an account, exposing your content to so many new dog-loving followers.


Credit: Instagram / @puffie_the_chow

Plus, if you’ve got seriously great content, you can even become a brand ambassador and give your followers a discount code on purchases! #WinWin


Credit: Instagram / @gluecksmomente.fotografie

If you’re a regular person like me, you might just be satisfied with the Internet loving and adoring your pup! Just look at that face! Who isn’t a proud pet parent.


Credit: Instagram / @emmawagenius

In a world where likes, hearts, and retweets can either be seen as actual currency or currency to some people’s self esteem, we can’t deny that Daniel Wellington is smart for tapping into the fluff market. Arguably, the best model subjects to grab our attention!


Credit: Instagram / @danielwellington and @_justynaniko_

Who knows, maybe your next Insta masterpiece will end up on Daniel Wellington’s Instagram story. That’s if your dog is a timeless classic, just like their watches.


Credit: Instagram / @danielwellington and @ameliecheval31 and @neonowa_strzala

And with 4 million potential people viewing your content, your follower count can rise and you can capitalize on your dog’s growing fame. For now, you can enjoy these elegant designs and their canine ambassadors – hats off to the DW marketing team!


Credit: Instagram / @danielwellington and @enndreya and @rodzinka2plus2

May we make mention that DW is not totally biased to dogs. Who can resist a fluffy bunny and little kitten toe beans – all pets are equal when it comes to stealing hearts!


Credit: Instagram / @cockapoomarley

Will your pet be the next Daniel Wellington ambassador? It never hurts to reach out and get noticed! We give two paws up to DW’s team for bringing more cute pets into our Insta feed.