Scout The Golden Retriever Is Changing The World One Hug At A Time

Scout’s mom lets us know what made this adorable doggo so loving!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @scoutgoldenretriever

Dogs are awesome. The unconditional love we get from our dogs is like no other, and we even get a major mood boost from just looking at other people’s pups . The online pet community grows tremendously every day spreading love and we live for it! On Instagram you have several types of pet accounts: the regular pet account, the ridiculously popular (pupfluencer) pet accounts, the gorgeous photography adventure pet accounts, and just pet appreciation accounts. Of course, there’s many, many more, but for the sake of simplicity, that covers most bases.


Credit: Instagram / @scoutgoldenretriever

When the gorgeous photography type and pupfluencer accounts collide,  you get a feed like @scoutgoldenretriever. Scout is a three-year-old Golden Retriever who lives in Portland, Oregon. His hobbies include: walkies with mom, naps with mom, and hugs to anyone who wants one!


Credit: Instagram / @scoutgoldenretriever

Scout and his mom, Melissa, started #scouthugs where Scout wears a “Free Hugs” sign and offers his hugs to strangers! Learn more about this awesome idea and Scout from his mom, Melissa, below.

Tell us about Scout. Did you always want a Golden Retriever? How was he as a puppy?


Credit: Instagram / @scoutgoldenretriever

Melissa: We had two Goldens prior to Scout and are in love with the breed. After we lost our last two in the same year our house was way too quiet so we went on a puppy search! Scout was 12 weeks old when we brought him home. So fluffy and so sweet! He had a mellow temperament.

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