Team USA Poses With Puppies, Kittens, And Even Pigs!

What better way to calm Olympic nerves than playing with baby animals?

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: IOC / Jean Chung

The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea are a little over a month away and people are either excited, nervous, or could care less (three guesses where I fall – I’m here for the animals!). Whether you’re the sporty type or not, The Olympic Games are a century old tradition, connecting the world through friendly competition, captivating even the cynics. The International Federations of sport are non-governmental organizations who administer the competition on a global scale. As each Olympic event passes, each host country attempts to be bigger and better.

Young athletes from all over the world invest their blood, sweat and tears into training with the hopes of making their national team. This year, Team USA is comprised of about 240 athletes. 20 of them posed for photos with some fluffy partners!

The athletes definitely went for the gold with these photos – the Golden Retriever of course!


Credit: USOC / NBC Olympics

Chloe Kim is a 17 (!) year-old snowboarder. She tells Us Weekly that in her down time she binge watches The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsNarcos, and Orange Is The New Black. Same, girl, same!


Credit: USOC / NBC Olympics

This Pug doesn’t seem to enjoy all the hugs he’s getting from the figure skater, but Jason’s expression makes up for the dog’s. No scandal here.


Credit: USOC / NBC Olympics

We’d definitely hold up this tiny kitten like a prize too! Mikaela looks so happy, she should have brought that kitten home.


Credit: USOC / NBC Olympics

Skating partners and pug partners, Madison Chock and Evan Bates would win the public’s hearts if they’d do a routine WITH the Pug puppies! 10 points from us!


Credit: USOC / NBC Olympics

The kitten’s got eyes on the prize with figure skater Adam Rippon. Kittens know a winner when they see one! Take that as good luck, Adam!


Credit: USOC / NBC Olympics

This man’s got a piglet! A PIGLET! Nathan hopefully soaked in all the piglet cuddles he could because those babies get to be huge!


Credit: USOC / NBC Olympics

Another day, another Golden. We vote that all non-gold winners should be compensated with a a hug from a Golden Retriever puppy. Let us make the rules!


Credit: USOC / NBC Olympics

Someone told this Golden Retriever puppy that Alex would probably win in a snowboarding head to head. The puppy is over it and wants to receive MORE CUTE COMPLIMENTS!


Credit: USOC / NBC Olympics

Team USA has newlyweds on their team! This looks like the best snapshot of their future with ALL the fur children. This couple has planned their honeymoon for after the Olympics – too much training to honeymoon!


Credit: USOC / NBC Olympics

We don’t know who Gus bribed, but he got to pose with THREE puppies! He’s a real winner in our books! Too bad only one Pug has the energy to love him, the other puppies are silently protesting for all the times they’ve heard “treat!” as a dupe to behave during the photo shoot.


Credit: USOC / NBC Olympics

This Californian foodie is already a US National Champion! And she’s only 18!! The puppy feels the greatness radiating from Karen and is extra happy.


Credit: USOC / NBC Olympics

This Golden face smoosh is too much for us to handle. We think the puppy is only doing a concern because he doesn’t understand why the human has such rough fluff on only a part of his face!


Credit: USOC / NBC Olympics

Wagner knows to get a kitten on your side you must use all of your resources to distract them into cuddling. No hair was harmed in the taking of this photo.


Credit: USOC / NBC Olympics

Siblings Maia and Alex have two Maltese puppies at home! Their names are Po and Lily and they help these athletes forget about all the stresses from training so hard.


Credit: USOC / NBC Olympics

Tucker is actually telling this little Puglet all the secrets to professional Luge. Too bad for Tucker and the puppy since the puppy is only interested in nap time!


Credit: USOC / NBC Olympics

One of the youngest members of Team USA, Zhou is only 17! Pupper is only non-enthused because they said no licking!


Credit: USOC / NBC Olympics

Puglet is learning to do a cheer for Mirai! He’s still getting a hang of it. Mirai also told the Puglet that to live a successful life is to be yourself! (He’s still a little confused, but we think he’ll understand when he’s a little older).


Credit: USOC / NBC Olympics

This Pug broke ALL the rules and licked Torin’s neck. The team let it slide because just look how happy Torin is! We’ll just chalk it to – this puppy’s got good luck goober!


Credit: USOC / NBC Olympics

Surprise! It wasn’t just puppies and kittens and piglets; Ryan Stassel of Team USA got to pose with a baby goat! Look how proud the tiny goat is to be a part of the team!

Los Angeles 1984 Mascot _240538

Credit: Getty Images

U! S! A! U! S! A! U! S! A! – that’s how we imagine the Los Angeles 1984 mascot would have riled up the crowd. What event are you looking forward to watching the most?